Tardy policy crackdown quandry

IMG_507Teachers and administration are cracking down on tardy students and they are quickly becoming fed-up.

Students are granted five minutes to walk from one class to another. Five minutes is plenty of time to get across campus. So . . . why is it so hard for them to walk into class on time?

Socializing on the way to class and sitting in the lunchroom for a few extra minutes are just a few of the reasons why students are showing up to class late. But socializing is not the only reason that students might be late for class. Walking up and down the stairs to get from class to class can also become irritating when you’re in a hurry. Students think it’s necessary to walk like turtles up the stairs when other students are in a rush to keep from being late to class.

In my opinion, I don’t believe the punishment is fair for the students who do have a problem with getting to class on time, even though I have no problem being punctual.

For me, getting locked out of the classroom for being two seconds late isn’t a reasonable punishment for students. It’s just giving the students one more reason not to be in class, and having their legal guardians sign them in to school the next day is inconvenient. We should be placing the punishment on the tardy students, rather than the parents.

I think that the administration should come up with a different way to punish students for being late to class. Instead, I think that students should receive detention or have to clean up the lunchroom. In my opinion, that’s almost worse than having your parents sign you in and is far more effective.

However, policy is policy and students need to find ways to get to class in a timely manner. Maybe if we show up to class on time with a minimal amount of tardies, the administration might be more lenient with students that are late