Texting: Threat or not?

Phones have been evolving for years, and with them, the greatest communication ever created–texting. But lately we have become so obsessed with texting that we use it in our everyday communication. In its own way, this type of slang is slaughtering the American language. To be honest, I want to throw a dictionary when my friends constantly use “lol” and “omg.” But is this a real threat to society? We are the future, so this just makes me ponder whether or not this is the way we will still be communicating in 50 years.

“I don’t think that text slang is really a problem; its just a way to shorten words and not everybody uses it,” claims sophomore Mariah Holmes.

Our most popular sayings have evolved over time. For example, ‘Oh my’ became ‘Oh my goodness’ which become ‘Oh my gosh’ which later turned into ‘Oh my God’ until finally it became OMG. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but then again, this generation should be looking to expand their academic vocabulary, not dumbing it down to an elementary level.

“I love texting, but it still really bugs me when my friends use annoying text slang. Its just stupid,” claims sophomore Julia Weinzinger.

Texting has become easier and more common nowadays, as every phone has a keyboard of some kind and most have an unlimited texting plan. Most kids from the age of seven are expert texters and can perform this task so with their eyes closed. It has become a part of life that nobody even really notices anymore. It is just something everyone does with ease and almost without notice or thought. When you do something so often that you don’t even realize it anymore, you don’t reflect upon it, and therefore don’t learn from it.

“I think that people using text slang constantly is really bad because it makes them lazy and comfortable with using shortcuts.” decree’s sophomore Jasmine Hall.

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Although texting is a shortcut, it is also a quick way to get a message through. It is great for reminders, and also for communicating with others when you don’t feel like talking. Although it may sound lazy, it all depends on what you text for. It could be a lazy form of communication or a quick chat.

Although we do pick up some of the texting slang, as of now it does not seem like a looming threat. For now, texting is just a fast easy way to chat.