Vending opportunities desired on campus

From advanced placement classes to extracurricular activities, SWCTA students tend to build up unnecessary stress. As a teenager, I find food a great way to minimize stress in the morning.

During a recent stop at my local Starbucks, I had a great idea… why not have a Starbucks on our campus? What better way to reduce stress than a nice Frappuccino or a bagel from Einsteins Bros? Opening a Starbucks on campus, or allowing any type of food vendor to permanently operate on campus will be the perfect way to help the school financially, offer students jobs, and much more.

We are all growing students and what teenager do you know who doesn’t love to eat great tasting food? Picking vendors such as Port of Subs and Chipotle will provide a healthy option for students. Granted, the food served during lunch fits the nutritional guidelines, but that does not mean it fits the “student taste” expectations.  Vendors will be making more money for our school if the vendor is selling food students actually want to spend their money on.

It is quite difficult for students to get jobs.  But when jobs are available right on campus, then students will have the perfect work hours: around 5 a.m. for the morning shift, during their lunch period, and starting right after school until 4 p.m.  Also the vendor’s space will provide a safe hangout space for students after school. As for the employees, it will just be one more opportunity to add extra skills and experience to their college applications, setting them apart from other applicants.

If the vendors were to meet the Nutrition Guidelines based on CCSD Regulations, SWCTA administration could invite different vendors, which would benefit the school by generating revenue from the business. During the previous 2010-2011 school year, schools were faced with extreme budget cuts due to the awful economy. It has not grown any stronger, and there is a possibility of it becoming worse before it is corrected.

As we all know, we must spend money to make money. To make the students happy, bring healthy vendors students appreciate to our campus to be served year round, during all hours. Both students will benefit and the school as a whole will benefit from the money made.