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Southwest Shadow

College Night provides a great opportunity for parents and students to look into future education and career options together. 
Photo Credit: Alexis Drevetzki

Work for passion, not for parents Thoughts on parents who dictate their childrens future/career.

Summer Thomad October 17, 2014

Planning for one's future career is often a complicated and stressful time for both students and their parents. Compromises and decisions must be made, and in this process, problems and disagreements...

Although the end is near for both these programs, Glee and Parks and Recreation have stood out as shows that will stay with me forever.
Photo Credit: Alex Nedelcu

Parasocial Relationships Evident in Media Forms Not an easy task to say goodbye to your favorite television show characters.

Summer Thomad October 1, 2014

With the fall season of premieres of television shows rapidly approaching, many of us, and myself included, are eager to catch up with our favorite fictional characters. However, as exciting as...

Although being an Eminem fan may seem out of character for someone like myself, I embrace it as a part of who I am instead of passing it off as a guilty pleasure.
Photo Credit: Summer Thomad

Guiltless Pleasures Why should we feel guilty about the things that bring us pleasure?

Summer Thomad September 24, 2014

“So, what are your guilty pleasures?” This age-old “getting-to-know-you” question has been asked for as long as I can remember. But what I have never understood about the term is that if...

Senior Huilin Chen remains professional in her work environment, despite having fuchsia hair and facial piercings.

Body Modifications vs. The Workplace Unprofessional, or considerable social norm?

Summer Thomad September 10, 2014

Edward Rangel, a server at a Red Robin restaurant, was shown no tolerance for getting tattoos on both his wrists. Despite having worked at the company for over six months with no discrepancies regarding customers,...

When it comes to completing homework assignments, I tend to go about it in one of two ways: skipping the work altogether and taking a nap, or putting in my best effort by managing my time and organizing my space.
Photo Credit: Amne Thomad

Two in One

September 3, 2014

  I often feel as though I am two entirely different people. I have never really had a set opinion on how I feel about having a personality that contradicts itself, or whether I think of...

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