News-gathering Ethics Policy

Before stories are published, editors thoroughly proofread each article, ensuring that credible sources are utilized and content is articulated in a mature manner. Encouraged to avoid information from sites that are not verified, staff members are to rely on facts when constructing stories. When information such as statistics are mentioned in an article, the source is to be hyperlinked to the facts that are stated. Likewise, when a photo of Creative Commons is featured, credit to the author or the website it is derived from must be given. 

When covering social rights issues, the Southwest Shadow aims not to offend groups of people but rather to present opinions with valid arguments that are not solely fueled by emotion. Sensitive topics, such as tragedies, are to be covered with respect to those who are affected by the events. If a reader is unhappy with the way a story is covered, they may leave a comment on the article, submit a content of removal request or contact the Editors-in-Chief or the adviser.