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Southwest Shadow

“Itorah” is a good introduction to Metroidvania games with great art and an interesting story, but with confusing at best controls, gameplay is difficult and a chore rather than being fun. 
Rating: B 
 Photo Courtesy of Grimbart Tales

Save Humanity From A Plague In ‘Itorah’ Search Old Ruins To Stop the Plague

Kathryn Peterson April 12, 2022

In a fight to save humanity, with nothing but the help of her talking axe, “Itorah” developed by Grimbart Tales, follows in the footsteps of other Metroidvania games that started on Steam like “Hollow...

Save Or Slay The God Bear In ‘Total War: Warhammer III’

Save Or Slay The God Bear In ‘Total War: Warhammer III’ The third, most grandiose installment yet.

Jackson Bogan March 30, 2022

The Warhammer series, both the fantasy and sci-fi versions, are by far my favorite fictional universes. Both are focused on the struggle between mortals and gods but on different scales. In both universes,...

Fight To Become The Elden Lord In Elden Ring

Fight To Become The Elden Lord In ‘Elden Ring’ Battle Through A Sprawling Open-World In The Latest Take On The Dark Souls-like Genre.

Jackson Bogan March 28, 2022

I never really liked the “Dark Souls” series or the spin-off souls-like titles such as “Sekiro.” I often found this genre of game to be boring or downright annoying to play through. While I...

Conquer The Nine Realms In ‘God Of War’

Conquer The Nine Realms In ‘God Of War’ Return of the Legendary Kratos

Jackson Bogan March 16, 2022

Good memories flood my mind whenever I hear “God Of War,” when in reference to this old game series, with the titular first game coming out in 2005. While this newest title was released in 2018, it...

“I Love Hue” is a simple and straightforward game that you can play for hours. Rating: A Photo Credit:Google Play Store

Relax, Solve Colorful Puzzles with ‘I Love Hue’ Arrange colorful tiles into beautifully ordered spectrums

Madison Land March 7, 2022

As a senior, I have been dealing with a high level of stress, non-stop since the beginning of the year. If it’s not assignments being thrown at me left and right from my teachers, it’s all the emails...

 “At Home Alone Final” is an unsettling game where players take on the role of a little girl who experiences disturbing and unnatural events in her home.
Rating: A- 
Photo Credit: 0Cube

Discover Dark Secrets in ‘At Home Alone Final’ Explore the Twisted Universe, Timeline of a Psychological Horror RPG

Kathryn Peterson February 20, 2022

The notorious trope of being home alone has been used time and time again in all sorts of media to drive fear. From “Home Alone” to “Hush” this popular trope creates an atmosphere of horror because...

The newest addition to the “Life is Strange” franchise includes queer, Asian-American representation as players explore the fictional small town of Haven Springs. 
Rating: A- 
Photo Credit: Square Enix

Embrace Empathic Abilities in “Life is Strange: True Colors” Uncover the mystery behind your brother’s death in Haven Springs

Ashley Harris February 18, 2022

Switch players no longer have to turn to gameplay videos to get their fix for “Life is Strange: True Colors”, as it's finally hit the Nintendo eShop three months after the initial release on all other...

Conquer The Continent In ‘Mount And Blade: Bannerlord’

Conquer The Continent In ‘Mount And Blade: Bannerlord’ The Bigger, Better, Younger Brother Of ‘Warband’

Jackson Bogan February 10, 2022

My earliest foray into the strategy game genre was a title released all the way back in 2010 called “Mount & Blade: Warband” It was my favorite game to play at the time, and still one I frequently...

Replay Classic Mario Party Game Boards in Mario Party Superstars

Replay Classic Mario Party Game Boards in Mario Party Superstars Collect the Most Stars to Prove You Are #1

Kathryn Peterson December 15, 2021

Mario Party Superstars is the newest in the long lineup of Mario Party games. Filled with plenty of nostalgia for past players, and the same fun minigames and game boards that built the franchise for new...

Become Legendary In ‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’

Become Legendary In ‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ The Journey Of a Soldier Becoming Savior Of The Galaxy

Jackson Bogan November 22, 2021

Intro When I was younger, a video game was a mindless shooter like “Doom” or a fighting game like “Smash Bros,” never before did I ever really care to pay attention to the stories of video games....

 “Metroid Dread” is the newest addition to the Metroid series where you battle your way through enemies to power up and reach your ship.
 Rating: B+ 
Image Credit:  Nintendo

Take Out Enemies, Regain Power in ‘Metroid Dread’ After four years, the Metroid series releases a new game

Kathryn Peterson November 4, 2021

  “Metroid Dread” is the newest entry in the long-running Metroid series by Nintendo, after a four-year wait. This game follows the same platform style as its predecessors and plays exclusively on...

Explore the dark world in “Deltarune”

Explore the dark world in “Deltarune” Fight battles, make friends in an exciting RPG

Kamiran Hinton October 21, 2021

Choose which way to fight your battles while listening to an incredibly memorable soundtrack with simplistic yet pleasant graphics in “Deltarune,” the sequel to the critically acclaimed “Undertale.”...

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