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¨Not really, but I feel like Im pretty good for the English and science sections,¨ junior Marilyn To said.

Q&A: Are you ready for the ACT?

Violet Moreno, Staff Writer
February 23, 2024
Find out if students feel prepared for the ACT.
I was just sitting with my family, senior Ethan White said. We had the dogs around us and were all just on the couch just watching and eating food. Everybody was being just casual.

Q&A: How did you spend your Super Bowl?

Ayma Malik and Kathryn Peterson
February 16, 2024
Find out what Southwest was doing during the Super Bowl.
“I thought there were way too many performances, I think that they just needed to speed up giving out the awards,” junior Kailani Lopez said. “Some of my favorite artists, like Lana Del Rey, didn’t win, so I was kind of upset about that, but it’s not that big of a deal.”

Q&A: Did you watch the GRAMMYs?

Adrienne Vera-Perez, Staff Writer
February 9, 2024
Find out if students and teachers watched the 66th GRAMMY award show.
I feel like it would be really difficult, but I could, sophomore Andrew Smith said. It would be easier to prioritize certain tasks without my phone, it would make me a better person because I will to more people in real life.


Madelynn Evans, Staff Writer
January 28, 2024
Find out if students could go an entire week without their phone.
“I’m in the middle of filling out my FAFSA,” senior Ilani Miron said. “I’ve been pretty busy right now, so I haven’t gotten to finishing it just yet, but it’s something that I’m definitely prioritizing. The FAFSA is a necessity, for pretty much all high schoolers, so I’m going to 100 percent complete it when I have the time.”

Q&A: Have you filled out your FAFSA?

Adrienne Vera-Perez and Zelina Panissidi
January 12, 2024
Find out if seniors have applied for federal financial aid.
“I would say that my new year’s resolution is to always strive to do better,” senior Juliette Montes said. “It could be like, maintaining a clean room, or being on top of my schoolwork. If I’m trying to improve myself, I will always try to put that effort in.”

Q&A: What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Adrienne Vera-Perez, Staff Writer
January 7, 2024
FInd out student and staff's resolutions!
“My top genre this year was pop, but I know that I listened to a lot of indie music as well,” senior Ella Mengistu said. “My top artist was Taylor Swift, I listened to her for almost 10,000 minutes, so I know that was probably why my top genre was pop. I also listened to a lot of Noah Kahan, Gracie Abrams and One Direction.”

Q&A: What genre was number one on your Spotify Wrapped?

Adrienne Vera-Perez, Staff Writer
December 8, 2023
Find out students’ top genres for the year.
We cant really do it here in Las Vegas because it doesnt snow much, junior Damon Messer said. But I like to go up to Reno and build snowmen. Its a great family activity, fun for the whole family.

Q&A: What is your favorite Winter Activity?

Ayma Malik and Kathryn Peterson
December 1, 2023
Find out what students and staff enjoy during the winter.
I feel like it was a good idea because a lot of people would come and watch it [in Vegas], sophomore Lydia Masnica said. But I also feel like it takes up a lot of the streets and you have to find other routes. I like how popular this city gets but they forget that people also live here and need to get around,

Q&A: What did you think about the first F1 Las Vegas races?

Ayma Malik and Kathryn Peterson
November 21, 2023
Find out how Vegas locals feel about the Formula 1 races.
One of my best friends is flying in from New York, and were going to hang out,  Fashion Design teacher Levi Harbeson said. The F1 race is on The Strip, so were going to try to avoid it as much as possible. My friend does want to see the Sphere though, so were going to go see the movie experience at least.

Q&A: What Are You Doing Over The Long Weekend?

Kailie Sicolo, Staff Writer
November 13, 2023
Find out what students and staff are doing this weekend.
Honestly, it depends, Social Studies teacher Benjamin Lacombe said. Like the gory ones and the Jason ones, Im not a big fan of those. But the ghost ones and exorcism ones, I love those. Those are great but it really depends on the film.

Q&A: Do you like scary movies?

Ayma Malik and Kathryn Peterson
October 26, 2023
Learn if students and staff enjoy horror movies or not.
“Before Homecoming, I’m going to go to downtown Summerlin for photos,” sophomore Addison Marsh said. “There are a lot of cool lights there, and it’s also a good place to get some food before going to the dance.”

Q&A: What is the best Homecoming photo spot?

Adrienne Vera-Perez, Staff Writer
October 13, 2023
Find out students' favorite Hoco photo spots.

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