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I noticed the change, Chohan (26) said, With Dominos I couldnt taste the sauce, I mostly tasted the cheese. With Papa Johns I get a little balance of both.

Q&A: Do you Prefer Dominos or Papa Johns?

Emmanuel Miranda, Staff Writer
September 21, 2023
Find out students' opinions on the switch from Papa Johns to Dominos in the lunchroom.
“My English Honors teacher is really funny, freshman Madison Bray said. Hes very sarcastic and he has a big picture of his head inside of his classroom.”


Ayma Malik, Editor in Chief
August 8, 2023

Yes, because Vegas is amazing, junior Kathleen Chloe Coronel said. I think we need more sports teams.

Q&A: Is it a good idea for the Oakland A’s to move to Las Vegas?

Hannah Paine and Ava Julian
April 30, 2023
Students let us know if they think the Oakland A's should move to Las Vegas.
I was promoted, senior Alex Ferran said. Then I was surprised with a prom proposal from a friend after we ate at a sushi restaurant.

Q&A: How did you spend your four-day weekend?

Hannah Paine, Social Media Editor
April 14, 2023
Students tell us what they did over the long weekend.
“I wouldnt buy the checkmark because I dont use Twitter at all,” junior Sceian Raphael Santos said. “Plus, even if I used it I feel like its kind of pointless. Like, who cares? Its just like social media. Its not really going to matter in a few years.

Q&A: Would you pay $8 for the Twitter verified blue checkmark?

Hannah Paine, Social Media Editor
April 9, 2023
Students tell us if they would pay for the Twitter verified blue checkmark.
“I had no clue that the ‘Pokémon’ thing was ending,” junior Hermogine Sarmiento said. “This is all news to me.”

Q&A: Did you watch the final episode of “Pokémon”?

Hannah Paine, Social Media Editor
March 31, 2023
Find out if students and teachers watched the last episode of "Pokémon."
“No, I am not ready for fourth quarter because I have to think about my future for next year,” senior Tasia Wright said. “Thinking about my future is very worrying because I don’t know what’s in store.”

Q&A: Are you ready for fourth quarter?

Ava Julian, Staff Writer
March 24, 2023
Students let us know if they are ready for fourth quarter.
“My husband and I are going to be taking a trip to Quito, which has a monument at the equator. We are also traveling to a town called Banos which has a lot of waterfalls,” teacher Christina McCoy said. “Then we are going to be staying in the Amazon and will be staying with an indigenous tribe.”

Q&A: What are you doing over Spring Break?

Hannah Paine, Social Media Editor
March 11, 2023
Students and teachers let us know what they will be doing over Spring Break.
Yes, the MCU has been declining ever since the beginning of phases, freshman Crispin Njunia said. Ever since phase four or five theres been a lack of interesting heroes, especially since a lot of the major ones either died off, or their actors arent returning for another movie.

Q&A: Is the Marvel Universe declining?

Ellie Lakatos and Travis McGinnis
March 3, 2023
Students and teachers let us know if they think the Marvel Universe is declining.
“Everyone knows about voting and thats the best way to get involved. I remember we started petitioning when there were protests,” senior Heron Yonas said. “For us right now, a lot of classes here are helpful to learn new things. Voting is also a good way to get involved but it is important to know who you are voting for by doing research.”

Q&A: What’s the best way to get politically involved?

Ava Julian, Staff Writer
February 24, 2023
Students tell us the best ways to get politically involved.

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