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No, I am not watching it, junior Alina Adams said. Because Ive never heard of it.

Q&A: Are you watching “The Last of Us” on HBO?

Ava Julian, Staff Writer
February 3, 2023
Students let us know if they have been watching "The Last of Us" on HBO.
Chiefs are going to win, junior Aiden Bass said. They have the best offense, and the team has great experience to win.

Q&A: Which fan favorite team do you think will make it to the super bowl?

Ava Julian, Staff Writer
January 22, 2023
Students tell us which team they think will make it to the Super Bowl.
“My first week back from break was interesting because I was not on schedule with everything and sleep was a problem and teachers jumped straight back like nothing happened,” freshman Aydan Kotarski said. “But my friends all made it a better week than it would have been.”

Q&A: How was your first week back?

Hannah Paine, Social Media Editor
January 13, 2023
Students let us know how their first week back from break went.
“I’ve already taken most of my exams, so I feel prepared,” junior Purnima Neoupane said. “I’m most worried about my anatomy class. I feel like that class has a lot of information that we have to remember. She did say that we could use our notes, but at the same time, it is a lot of information to write down.”

Q&A: Are you prepared for your semester exams?

Yaritzza Montenegro, Staff Writer
December 9, 2022
Students let us know if they are prepared for their semester exams.
“For Black Friday, I bought clothes and perfume,” sophomore Akela Custodio said. “The clothes were more for summer but had a large discount and the perfume was also low priced.”

Q&A: Did you buy anything for Black Friday?

Paizley Swaney, Staff Writer
December 2, 2022
Students let us know if they bought anything for Black Friday.
Theres just too many games, so I didnt feel the need to buy it, site-based technician Roderick Alimusa said. If I had the money, I would buy it, but the games take too much time and the grind is tough. My favorite Pokémon game so far however is  Pokémon Crystal Version because of the story line.

Q&A: Did you buy the new Pokémon game “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet”?

Rhamil Taguba, Managing Editor
November 21, 2022
Students and teachers discuss the new Pokémon game.
“Yes, I plan to buy Taylor Swift tickets. I signed up for presale, so I hope I can get them,” senior Hannah Hernandez said. “Even if they are really expensive I feel like I still am going to buy them.”

Q&A: Are you buying Taylor Swift tickets?

Ava Julian, Staff Writer
November 10, 2022
Students let us know if they plan on buying Taylor Swift tickets.
I dont think that should not be allowed, freshman Vanessa Hann said. I do not think he should be promoting such hateful speech and it should definitely be more controlled.

Q&A: Do you support Elon Musk as Twitter CEO?

Hannah Paine, Social Media Editor
November 4, 2022
Students share their opinions on the Elon Musk becoming the CEO of Twitter
Yes, senior Ryan Nguyen said. Because it was for the peoples safety and I was told it was windy.


Ayma Malik and Kathryn Peterson
October 26, 2022
Students share their opinions on the cancellation of the When We Were Young festival.
“What I’m most excited about the fall season would probably be the colder weather,” freshman Alyssa Gittinger said. “Also the pumpkin patches and Halloween parties with friends.”

Q&A: Which of the following fall activities are you most excited for?

Tishie Nyitray, Editor in Chief
October 21, 2022
Students let us know what they are most looking forward to this fall season.
“Yes I am going to Homecoming,” freshman Tsz Ching Situ said. “This is because I get to make memories with my friends and also it’s the first homecoming of high school.”

Q&A: Are you going to Homecoming?

Hannah Paine, Social Media Editor
October 14, 2022
Students let us know if they are going to homecoming this year.
On a scale from one to ten, I would say scary movies are a six. sophomore Jax Billings said. I dont love them, but I did enjoy The Shining.

Q&A: Do You Like Scary Movies?

October 10, 2022
Students share their opinion on horror films to kick off spooky-season.