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‘Tall Girl 2’ is a let down that makes an attempt to be genuine. Rating: C-Photo Credit: Netflix

High school movies are all the same, ‘Tall Girl 2’ is no different A predictable Netflix film shys away from any form of uniqueness

Gray Barranco April 26, 2022

After two and a half years since the release of Tall Girl, Jodi is back in Tall Girl 2. To no surprise, the movie delves into Jodi’s continued struggles of not following society’s norm for how women...

“Hudas Salon” is a fearless statement on women’s oppression

“Huda’s Salon” is a fearless statement on women’s oppression Director Abu-Assad writes a complex, gripping thriller about feminism

Ayma Malik March 31, 2022

A young mother, Reem, complains about her suspicious husband while she relaxes in a salon chair. Huda, the owner of the salon, whines about how social media is ruining the lives of her clients. Suddenly,...

‘Belle’ is a captivating, modern retelling of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

‘Belle’ is a captivating, modern retelling of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ A quiet high school student travels into a virtual social media world

Ayma Malik February 8, 2022

By day, Suzu is a shy, awkward high school student who lives in the rural town of Kochi, Japan. But, by night, she’s the pop star Belle, with bright pink hair and an audience of billions. Suzu (Kylie...

 ‘Anonymously Yours’ is another typical Netflix teen romance movie with all the familiar tropes done the exact same way.
 Grade: C- 
 Source: Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Rewatch Every Romance Movie Ever in ‘Anonymously Yours’ Another Entry into the Ever-Growing Base of Bad Romance Netflix Movies

Kathryn Peterson January 25, 2022

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, “Dumplin’”, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”, and “The Kissing Booth”: all average films with similar characters and storylines. With Netflix’s history,...

Jump into the military-themed action of ‘One Shot’

Jump into the military-themed action of ‘One Shot’ The thrilling tale of a Navy Seal, CIA agent to retrieve a prisoner

Ayma Malik December 17, 2021

“He is our one shot to fix everything,”  a junior CIA agent named Zoe Anderson (Ashley Greene Khoury) says during the film. SEAL Lieutenant Jake Harris (Scott Adkins) needs to help Anderson retrieve...

Reminiscence was an interesting take on exploring fictional technology. Although the movie was threaded with a confusing plotline, the setting and the unique use of hypnotic effects made it entertaining.
Photo Courtesy of HBO Max
Rating: B-

Take a Look Into the Past in ‘Reminiscence’ Experience the twists, turns of a man on the hunt for the truth

Lily Gurdison November 30, 2021

If you enjoy sci-fi films such as The Matrix, Tenet, and The Terminator, Reminiscence may spark your interest. Set in the distant future in waterlogged post-apocalyptic Miami, Reminiscence explores the...

“Space Sweepers’ was lovable in every way, from their layered, diverse characters, to their perfect pacing and effective life lesson. Rating: A

Fight evil governments and collect space debris in ‘Space Sweepers’ A dystopian Sci-Fi film that perfectly demonstrates what a found family really is

Madison Land November 8, 2021

Imagine: it’s the year 2092 and the Earth is in ruins due to human selfishness and negligence. The human race has no choice but to ascend to space to find a new way of life. But here is the kicker; only...

Ride An Emotional Roller Coaster In ‘The Guilty’

Ride An Emotional Roller Coaster In ‘The Guilty’ Follow the intense journey of a cop-turned-911 operator

Jackson Bogan October 27, 2021

Cop movies have never resonated with me on a personal level for some reason. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised by “The Guilty,” a film available to stream on Netflix that takes place in a single morning...

Karen Needs To See The Manager

“Karen” Needs To See The Manager Film Fails To Deliver Message Of Equality

Kamiran Hinton September 29, 2021

The Southwest Shadow has added the "See" category to our site, with the goal of spotlighting independent and limited-released films. This is the first installment. Karen, the nickname jokingly given...

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