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Daphney Garcia Hatton

Daphney Garcia Hatton, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Daphney and I am excited to be a staff writer for the Southwest Shadow! This is my first year as a part of the Southwest Shadow, but my third year here in Journalism. I look forward to writing interesting stories about student life here on campus!

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 Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a fulfilling remake of the original 2005 movie.
Rating: A- Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video

‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ Doesn’t Fall Short

Daphney Garcia Hatton, Staff Writer
March 25, 2024
A modern “enemies to coworkers to lovers” comedy.
Performing at an open mic, senior Alina Adams sings an original song.
“I asked the owner when and where it was, and I went down there and I sang three songs,” Alina Adams said. “They asked me to come back and host the next one. Ive been hoping to go back and work on more stuff and like bring new songs to help myself get over stage fright.”

Aspiring Music Artist: Meet Alina Adams

Daphney Garcia Hatton and Paizley Swaney
February 7, 2024
Adams’ music career is on the rise.
Podcast: Ins and Outs of 2024

Podcast: Ins and Outs of 2024

Trends are constantly coming and leaving. In this podcast, we discuss trends that we earnestly wish to avoid seeing in this coming year.
The Menzingers fall short for a punk rock album.Rating: C+Photo Credit: The Menzingers

‘Some Of It Was True’ an Anti-Climatic album

Daphney Garcia Hatton, Staff Writer
December 14, 2023
The Menzingers struggle to bring a cohesive album.
Podcast: This or That

Podcast: This or That

Daphney Garcia Hatton, Staff Writer
October 31, 2023
We are constantly faced with making decisions, in this lively podcast, Daphney, Arcade, and Ava dive into the world of decision-making. Discussing popular opinions and exploring how individual perspectives may differ from the norm.
Lies of P is a very suspenseful, yet challenging, adventure game.Rating: C+ Photo Credit: IGDB

Conquer a Dark, Twisted World with ‘Pinocchio’

Daphney Garcia Hatton, Staff Writer
October 17, 2023
Conquer massive puppets in the city of Krat, playing as Pinocchio.
Working solo, Jessica Kelly teaches a lesson covering racial injustices. Kelly has been keeping her students engaged through slideshows and weekly discussions. “Im really into teaching this class. And I just want to make it a culture at this school,” Kelly said. “Everybody should want to take this class, regardless of what they look like, or their ethnic background. I feel like everybody needs to hear this important information.”

Teacher’s Goal of Offering Ethnic Studies Course Materializes

Daphney Garcia-Hatton, Staff Writer
September 25, 2023
New Nevada State University Ethnic Studies 101 course makes its first appearance to our curriculum, here at SWCTA.