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Ava Julian

Ava Julian, Staff Writer

Hi friends!! My name is Ava and I am a junior in the nursing program! I am excited to meet new people, learn more about different writing styles, and make fun memories!

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“Yes, I plan to buy Taylor Swift tickets. I signed up for presale, so I hope I can get them,” senior Hannah Hernandez said. “Even if they are really expensive I feel like I still am going to buy them.”

Q&A: Are you buying Taylor Swift tickets?

November 10, 2022
Students let us know if they plan on buying Taylor Swift tickets.
Finding success in new business ventures

Finding success in new business ventures

October 21, 2022
Students are starting even younger to launch their own companies.
Lifehacks: Kitchen Edition

Lifehacks: Kitchen Edition

March 24, 2022
The following life hacks will help improve your knowledge of kitchen skills that will overall make your life easier.
DRAW MY SHADOW: Aanja Abilar

DRAW MY SHADOW: Aanja Abilar

March 7, 2022
Learn how an artist grew from drawing celebrities for fun, to getting their drawings noticed by them.
Where Are They Now: Allysha Melocoton

Where Are They Now: Allysha Melocoton

February 10, 2022
Former student Allysha Melocoton is pursuing her long-time passion for nursing.
Helping a client with their design, senior Jhonathen Romo is figuring out the best graphic styles for their product. He now customizes personal items for his client to purchase with the help of software.  It is satisfying running my own business, Romo said. Being able to work on my own time and balance it easier than a clock in type job. And it is cool seeing the build up of something you own. Photo Credit: Jhonathen Romo

Driven Innovative Designer: Meet Jhonathen Romo

December 14, 2021
Romo is displaying his skills by creating custom graphic designs for clients.
Students are writing fake interviews from the local people in the story.  Once students are finished with their projects, they will be presenting their information to the class. “My group is outlining where we are placing each part of our newspaper,” Aganon said. “By deciding where each piece of information should go to make the newspaper seem more realistic.”  Photo Credit: Ava Julian

English 10 creates ‘Sleepy Hollow’ newspapers

November 17, 2021
English 10 students are utilizing ideas from "Sleepy Hollow" to create newspapers to present to the class on December 3.
While vacationing in Florida, sophomore Madison Davis takes a ride with a western horse on the beach. With her experience, Davis has been able to connect with many horses in order to ride. “I was celebrating my birthday by going horseback riding during the middle of a hurricane, Davis said. The weather was aggressive considering the fact that I was super close to the beach.” Photo Credit: Madison Davis

Compassionate horseback rider: Meet Madison Davis

October 23, 2021
Davis pursues her passion for horseback riding and practices everyday in order to become the best.
Students are finishing up any assignments that will be entered for the first quarter reading period in their English 10 Honors class. “The quarter went pretty well, and I just have a few more things I have to finish up,” sophomore Jianna Aganon said.


October 8, 2021
Students are adapting to the changes in-person schooling brought this quarter.
Students work on conducting research for their presentations and sharing similar ideas on the white board. Each individual had to fill out a Google Doc about basic element information to help them create a video.  “Working with classmates allows us to share ideas and [it] helps us help each other work on our videos,” sophomore Madison Davis said.  Photo Credit: Ava Julian

Chemistry Honors Students Create Video Presentations on Elements

September 27, 2021
Students are learning through element focused video projects in chemistry.