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Explore Crispy Chicken Options at ‘3 Little Chicks’

A worthwhile dinner option
A new gluten free chicken-based restaurant opens in Southwest Las Vegas. Grade: B+

Everyday from 10 a.m.- 9 p.m.

7885 W Sunset Rd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89113

Accepts cash and credit cards

After opening several cafe-style businesses in Las Vegas, “3 Little Chicks” has changed direction into a full-service restaurant. The menu revolves around chicken, including sandwiches, tenders, salads, and bowls, all of which can be grilled or crispy, and are gluten-free. Their goal is to provide food for the whole family in one stop, which I feel was accomplished through the large menu and numerous customization options.

Prior to visiting, I knew of the hype and excitement around this new establishment, mainly through social media. I anticipated a long line and crowded dining area – but that was not the case. The establishment was nearly empty besides a few people, which I found odd during prime lunch hours. The dining area was clean and well decorated, and the staff were friendly when I walked in and helpful with ordering.

The menu is fairly easy to understand, however the prices shocked me. Considering this restaurant is popular on social media, I expected something on the more expensive side, but nothing too crazy. Initially, I was surprised how expensive the items on the menu were, and it made me think and ask the employees questions on which items I should order for the best value.

Combo ($17.00) or Single sandwich ($12.00)

I ordered the “Pick Three Combo” where I chose “The Original Chick,” which was a normal breaded chicken breast alongside regular fries with a Dr. Pepper. The sandwiches themselves were pricey, so I figured the combo was the best option. The sandwich and fries were well-plated and were aesthetically pleasing, perfect for a picture for social media. “The Original Chick” sandwich includes a crispy or breaded chicken breast, house made honey mustard, pickles, and an apple cabbage slaw. The top of the bun is branded with the restaurant’s logo, which I thought was a nice little touch. I am not a fan of coleslaw, but this sandwich was amazing. The chicken was warm and crispy, and the coleslaw complimented the chicken in a sweet way. The chicken breast was perfectly warm, the breading was light, but was crispy and juicy, though not in a chewy way.

3 Tenders ($9.00)

I also ordered the crispy chicken tenders, which were similar to the chicken breast in taste and crispiness of the breading. Each sauce was $0.75, but they offered a “Sauce Flight” for $2 which allowed me to pick 3 sauces. I thought this was annoying, because the tenders themselves were $9, and then I had to pay to try additional sauces. Ultimately, I indulged their 3-sauce offer and chose their house made honey mustard, ranch, and honey hot sauce. The breading of the tenders was thin, yet still crispy, however the sauces are what made them delicious. The ranch tasted like normal buttermilk ranch, nothing special. The honey mustard was very good and sweet, yet did not taste like honey or mustard, almost similar to Cane’s sauce. The honey hot sauce tasted like raw honey, then a few seconds later, it hit me with a kick of spice, which I enjoyed.

Apple Pie Swirlie ($5.00)

For dessert I ordered the “Signature Apple Pie Swirlie” which consisted of their house made vegan vanilla bean soft serve with cinnamon glazed apples, cookie crumbles, and caramel drizzle. The toppings were delicious, although the apples were frozen when I took a bite. The vanilla bean soft serve itself had an odd taste, likely because it is made with vegan ingredients. The cashier told me that the dessert would be brought to me after I had gotten my food so it would not melt, which I really appreciated and was able to enjoy it fresh after my meal. It was also perfect timing because a rush of people came in, and the place became full fast.

Overall, the meal was delicious and filling. The environment was clean, friendly, and welcoming. The staff was timely in bringing out my food to me, and I was able to take home the leftovers. The menu was fairly large, and included gluten free and vegan options. The only downside was the pricing of their items. Personally, I would not consider this restaurant to be affordable. Considering their goal is to provide food for the whole family, I think that the food pricing does not reflect that goal. But, despite the pricey menu, I would likely come back here to eat again.

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