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School Operations Closed For Summer Break

School Operations Closed For Summer Break

Philipos Alebachew, Editor in Chief
May 21, 2024
Classes will resume on Monday, Aug. 12


Travis McGinnis, Shadow Files Editor
May 13, 2024
High school students, staff, and representatives from outside organizations were invited.
The series’ addicting colors and lessons have kept viewers watching for over fourteen years, and it doesn’t seem to have any decline coming soon. Photo Credit: Hasbro Studios

‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ was Peak Children’s Television

There are very few shows out there that make an effort to teach its viewers lifelong lessons in the way this show does.
Where are they now: Kalea Hall

Where are they now: Kalea Hall

Shayna Migalang, Staff Writer
May 2, 2024
Here’s a look at 2019 graduate Kalea Hall’s life after high school.
Rocking out on stage, THE REDPILLS perform a cover of “Looking Out for You” by Joy Again at Coyote Coachella 2024. The band also performed in 2023 where they experienced playing in front of a crowd for the first time. “Performing at Coyote Coachella was super fun for all of us,” drummer Oliver Rondez said. “Seeing the crowd that we had brought together really made me and my band members super happy. It’s really satisfying to see people enjoying the music that you are making.”

Sweet Sounds: Meet THE REDPILLS

Adrienne Vera-Perez and Joy Ryan
May 1, 2024
THE REDPILLS share their experiences as an up-and-coming band, future plans and releases.
Celebrating Earth Week and Earth Day, Environmental Club is hosting a scavenger hunt today. The event is taking place within the quad, with groups and individuals searching for prizes. “Last year, we came up with the idea of a scavenger hunt because the Environmental 101 teacher made digital escape rooms for her students in her class. The hidden caches we have are stickers, bracelets, stamps, and little trinkets that revolve around Earth Day in the shape of trees,” Ruiz said.


Ayma Malik and Travis McGinnis
April 24, 2024
Celebrating Earth Week and Earth Day, Environmental Club is hosting a scavenger hunt on April 24.
While some claim that America is being turned into a “gerontocracy,” or rule by the old, fewer can explain why this is an inherently negative development for our country.

Yes, Ageism is Still Discrimination

Ethan Bull, Opinion Editor
April 24, 2024
Though the country is slated to have the two oldest presidential candidates in history running for office, our political contempt does not justify generalizations about the elderly.
It’s easy to fall in love with the album’s distinct tracks and amazing instrumentation, but the lyrics buried beneath the massive reverb make it hard to fully appreciate certain tracks. Rating: A- Photo Credit: Wichita Recordings

Find Yourself Dizzy, Dazed After Listening to ‘Interplay’

Ava Torres, Staff Writer
April 22, 2024
Shoegaze pioneers Ride release their newest addition to the Alternative/Indie community.
Le Mans Ultimate is a poor racing game.Rating: D Photo Credit: Studio 397

Navigate the curves of ‘Le Mans Ultimate’

Chase Paine, Shadow Files Reporter
April 22, 2024

Back when video games were first introduced, nobody could have imagined that people would spend countless hours in front of a screen, simulating racing experiences with real steering wheels. Ever since...

Posing for the crowd, senior Kyla Rodriguez models another students’ garment during the Fashion Forward event. “It was pretty stressful, especially with the time that we were given,” Rodriguez said. “With everything going on, weve had so many projects. My mind was going to so many different places, but I mainly put my focus on this, just preparing for it. I had to put 100% into it.”

Fashion Students Sweep ‘Fashion Forward’ Event

Achilles Caranto, Staff Writer
April 19, 2024
Students from the Fashion Design program have finished competing in the Fashion Forward event, with several placing highly as a finalist.
Strict age policies put forth by large companies make gaining work experience difficult for those under 18.

Businesses Should Be More Willing To Accommodate Teen Workers

Ava Torres, Staff Writer
April 19, 2024
Working as a teen provides necessary life skills
Where are they now: Caitlin Tipon

Where are they now: Caitlin Tipon

Ava Julian, Staff Writer
April 18, 2024
Here's a look into 2018 graduate Caitlin Tipon's life.