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Shayna Migalang

Shayna Migalang, Staff Writer

Hello! I'm Shayna, I'm a sophomore in the culinary program, and this is my first year on the newspaper team. I'm super excited to start publishing my own writing!

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White Noise” is stellar in some aspects of filmmaking, but its complicated plot may ultimately drive people away. 
Grade: B-
Photo Courtesy of Netflix

‘White Noise’ Manages to Silence and Clutter Thoughts Simultaneously

February 3, 2023
Witness the Gladney family navigate through a toxic crisis and its aftermath with their intense fear of dying.
Lifehacks: School Lunch Edition

Lifehacks: School Lunch Edition

January 11, 2023
Struggle to make a school lunch every weekday? Check out these tips that could help you out.
“Wayward Strand” is a graphic adventure with nostalgic artwork and unique characters. 
Rating: B 
Art Credit: Ghost Pattern

Assist airborne hospital patients in ‘Wayward Strand’

November 21, 2022
Learn about the lives of patients and staff through a touching storyline in “Wayward Strand”.
Infographic: Where do people get their news?

Infographic: Where do people get their news?

November 2, 2022
With an increase in technology usage, more people are using the internet to get their regular dose of news.
“Drifting Home” tells a story about growth and savoring childhood through survival.
Grade: B+
Photo Credit: Studio Colorido

Soar into another world with ‘Drifting Home’

October 20, 2022
This heartwarming Japanese animated film touches on loss, forgiveness, and cherished memories.
Introducing herself to new members, GSA President Maya Pantic presents information about the club before starting ice breaker activities. Board members planned to focus on creating strong bonds with other members of the club. “The GSA club just offers a kind of atmosphere where we can all talk to each other,” secretary Daphne Huang said. “I know in a lot of other clubs, it’s difficult to communicate between the board and the members, so we want to get rid of that boundary. We just so happen to have a mic, but we want everyone to talk with us.” (Photo Credit: Alexa Rondez)

School pride club officially reforms, rebrands as Gender and Sexualities Alliance

October 11, 2022
With a pride club finally being present at SWCTA again, GSA has several plans to improve campus life for LGBTQ+ members and allies.
Contorting her body in the air, sophomore Zoey Henson strikes several dance trapeze poses. Henson says it takes a ton of core and upper body strength to successfully execute a trick. “You don’t need outside practice, but it is good to have. I used to go twice a week for six hours total, so I built a lot of strength from that,” Henson said. (Photo Credits: Zoey Henson)

Astounding Aerialist: Meet Zoey Henson

September 22, 2022
Sophomore Zoey Henson has been executing aerial circus performances since elementary school.