Club Preview: A look into the week of February 13

Culinary Club, SkillsUSA, and HOSA meet this week

Kylie Dacquel, Staff Writer

Culinary Club, B116, first and third Wednesday

Members will be incorporating the spirit of Valentine’s Day into food they’ll be making.

“Although our next meeting is the day after Valentine’s Day, we are still going to be doing something Valentine’s Day themed,” President Carmen Ruiz said. “We are going to be making and frosting soft pink sugar cookies that you get at the store that people can’t seem to get enough of.”

Ruiz will also be preparing plans for something special for the club at the end of the school year.

“Something I want to do for our last meeting of the year is an ice cream social,” Ruiz said. “Although I still have to work through a few details with Chef Hadobas, I think it would be cool for the members to be able to make their own flavors and eat them.”

SkillsUSA, B115, second and fourth Tuesday

Competitors will continue preparing for their projects.

“Next officer meeting, we’re mostly preparing for competition,” President Stacie Blum said. “To prepare, we’re coming up with training plans for the members to follow in order to prepare for the competition that they’re doing in April.”

At the conclusion of the competition season, the board hopes to show gratitude to each of their members for joining SkillsUSA.

“I want to do something like an award ceremony, where we give every member a pin that shows that they did SkillsUSA,” Blum said. “Then for the people who won awards we’d celebrate them even more with other items.”

HOSA, Cafeteria, second and fourth Tuesday

HOSA will be having their usual informational meeting along with a new activity.

“We’ll be going over basic housekeeping, new volunteer opportunities, making cards for nursing home residents and enjoying food and music,” President Yusra Shafique said. “The main preparations right now are fundraising enough to throw a banquet at the end of the year and prepping for board officer applications as our term comes to an end.”

The board hopes to give members insight for their future by inviting past members.

“In the future, we hope to hold an alumni meeting so that current members can ask questions and get a glimpse of what life is like after high school,” Shafique said. “We want to continue holding on-site and off-site fundraisers, including the opportunity to pie a board officer sometime in April.”