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Southwest Shadow

Southwest Shadow

Southwest Shadow

An Hour In... Engineering II

An Hour In… Engineering II

Raeness Lantaya May 9, 2022

Students build and test their own bridges.

An Hour In... Chemistry Honors

An Hour In… Chemistry Honors

Crystalyn Estabillo March 14, 2022

 Students use a card sort to learn about the different types of chemical reactions

An hour in... English 10 Honors

An hour in… English 10 Honors

Raeness Lantaya November 23, 2021

Sophomores work with their groups on a Sleepy Hollow newspaper project.

AN HOUR IN... Culinary II

AN HOUR IN… Culinary II

Ayma Malik November 5, 2021

Making fried rice and Karaage chicken, Culinary II students work on their dry heat cooking.

An Hour In ... Chemistry Honors

An Hour In … Chemistry Honors

Crystalyn Estabillo October 25, 2021

Sophomores participate in a series of station rotation mini-group labs.

An Hour In ... Fashion Construction III

An Hour In … Fashion Construction III

Hannah Paine October 13, 2021

Juniors are working on interfacing for their first sewing project since starting the program

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