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Holding up the neck of the bottle, junior Monica Sarkisian watches as her partner cuts the base of their project. Students cut two liter bottles with scissors, learning about planting as well as reusable sustainability. “[Mrs. Horner] drew it on the board and then we just cut it and kind of replicated it and everyone did their own thing at the end, which I thought was kind of interesting to see,” Sarkisian said. “I feel like cutting the bottle was kind of hard because it was really sturdy.

An Hour In … Environmental Science

Violet Moreno and Ava Torres
January 23, 2024
A hands-on project teaching simple & sustainable watering practices.
Rushing to the mannequin, sophomore Bryan Pratt beats his opponent to spot the muscle. Pratt placed his hand on the rectus abdominis muscle in the stomach. “I’m not good at remembering stuff off the top of my head,” Pratt said. “But with this, especially when someone wants to become a nurse, they have to know how to work hands-on. If we know how to do this to a patient, we’ll be good.”

An Hour In … Principles of Health Science

Zelina Panissidi and Venice Jingco
January 16, 2024
Nursing students display their skills and prepare for a test.
After everyone is finished scooping, sophomore Don Balmaceda starts cleaning up their area and materials. Cleaning the area makes sure that everything is well placed and sanitized. “I like doing dishes because here I have classmates to help me out,” Balmaceda said. “I don’t have that at home so everything feels organized here.”


Joy Ryan and Amelia Castellanos
January 8, 2024
Making use of the kitchen, students scoop cookie dough for SkillsUSA fundraiser.
Looking over the rubric, junior Nic Burgess plans out his contribution to the project. His paragraph accompanied his partner’s tribal tattoo drawing. “The paragraph essentially describes what our tattoo or kapa is about,” Burgess said. “I’m not super artistic so I opted to do the research part of the project. Our design is about Pearl Harbor and how it affected Native Hawaiian people at the time.”

An Hour In … US History H

Philipos Alebachew and Kailie Sicolo
January 5, 2024
To show their understanding of the history of Hawaii as a state, US History students sketch visual representations of Hawaiian culture and history.


Achilles Caranto and Hunter Rhee
December 18, 2023
To prepare for the SkillUSA fundraiser, the Culinary III students work together to make cookie dough.
With four seconds left in his 40-second speech, senior Josh Burgos makes his final statements to confirm his place inside of Communications teacher Henry Evans’ Popeyes apocalypse bunker. Before presenting their speeches, students had challenged each other to earn extra points. “Honestly, I was pretty confident going into it because in order to get our extra ums and uhs, we had to do an arm wrestling challenge and you already know I [beat] everyone in that challenge,” Burgos said. “It helps us build our speech skills without using any filler words. I need to get more consistent with it and nail it down and keep that same level of performance that I’ve gotten myself to.”

An Hour In … Com 101

Gray Barranco and Arcade Encarnacion
December 5, 2023
As a challenge, COM 101 students are asked to give a short speech without using any filler words.
An Hour In ... Art I

An Hour In … Art I

Shayna Migalang and Kylie Dacquel
December 1, 2023
For their Inktober project, Art I students create textured pieces of art.
An Hour in ... Nursing Assistant Lab

An Hour in … Nursing Assistant Lab

Emmanuel Miranda and Madelynn Evans
November 15, 2023
In preparation for upcoming clincials, Nursing students practice turning students on their side.
Placing coffee filters over their contraption, junior Dominic Jackson is using the filter to eliminate the larger particles in the water. Their goal is to win the class competition of who has the cleanest water. “I feel like my group and I did very well at filtering out our water to make it cleaner,” Jackson said. “The only thing is our water was still oily, but I think the coffee filters helped us to get the larger pieces out of our water. Even though my group did not win I think we still did well.”

An Hour In … Environmental Science

Ava Julian, Staff Writer
November 7, 2023
Spend an hour in Environmental Science 101.
Rotating to each station of the gallery walk, junior Noah Ly answers each group’s essential question on a sticky note and places it on the different posters. Each rotation allowed time for group discussion and note-taking. “The class learned to tell the difference between asepsis types, and my group’s focus was teaching others about surgical asepsis and how to keep a clean environment when it comes to bacteria and organisms,” Ly said.


Paizley Swaney, Staff Writer
October 5, 2023
As the unit comes to an end, Nursing students review their findings through a gallery walk.
An Hour In ... Robotics II

An Hour In … Robotics II

Emmanuel Miranda, Staff Writer
April 21, 2023
As the build season comes to a close, students clean up and work on different projects.
An Hour In ... Photography

An Hour In … Photography

Emmanuel Miranda, Staff Writer
March 24, 2023
Using techniques they learned, photography students recreate famous paintings using props in the classroom.

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