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Hannah Paine, Social Media Editor September 27, 2022
Working on their most intense project yet, Fashion II students encounter challenges and come up with future solutions.
The marshmallow challenge is an activity COM101 teacher Henry Evans organizes each school year, as skills utilized often apply to speeches given throughout the semester. “Public speaking is not easy, but its made a little easier when you engage in friendly activities with the people youll be presenting your speeches to,“ Evans said. Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

An Hour in … COM101

Ashley Harris, News and Features Editor August 29, 2022
To start the year, students practiced teamwork with a building exercise.
An Hour In... Engineering II

An Hour In… Engineering II

Raeness Lantaya May 9, 2022
Students build bridges to understand trusses.
An Hour In... Chemistry Honors

An Hour In… Chemistry Honors

Crystalyn Estabillo March 14, 2022
Chemistry Honors students expand their knowledge on types of chemical reactions.
An Hour In... P.E.

An Hour In… P.E.

Gray Barranco March 4, 2022
Beginning a new sport, students are placed in to teams while learning the ins and outs of basketball.
An Hour In ... AP Human Geography

An Hour In … AP Human Geography

Raeness Lantaya March 3, 2022
Sophomores learn the variety of influences human have on the environment.
An Hour In... Fashion III

An Hour In… Fashion III

Alyssa Rose February 9, 2022
Juniors use new sewing machines and basic techniques to complete their hands-on project.
An Hour In… Photography I

An Hour In… Photography I

Gray Barranco December 16, 2021
While practicing different photography techniques in Photography I, students work on forced perspective.
An hour in... English 10 Honors

An hour in… English 10 Honors

Raeness Lantaya November 23, 2021
Students are working on a newspaper project related to the short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."
AN HOUR IN... Culinary II

AN HOUR IN… Culinary II

Ayma Malik November 5, 2021
Culinary II students work on dry heat cooking.