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Zelina Panissidi

Zelina Panissidi, Staff Writer

Hey, I’m Zelina and I am a Staff Writer. This is my first year in journalism and I hope to write some interesting stories this year.

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During last year’s Coyote Coachella, performer Aerhann Casupang sings “Freaking Out the Neighborhood” by Mac DeMarco for the crowd. The event allowed him to share his talent with the school community. “I was a little nervous to perform at first,” Casupang said. “After a little I was not really nervous because my friends came to support [me].”

Stuco Dance Committee Hosts Coyote Coachella

Zelina Panissidi, Staff Writer
April 3, 2024
The event is to be held on April 4 from 2-4 p.m.
Increasing issues with carbon emissions have students worried about the future of the Earth. An article written by the NCEI predicts that there’s a 22 percent chance that 2024 will be the hottest year, and there is a 99 percent chance that it will rank in the top five of the hottest years. “Where I live there’s a whole area where people just dump their trash, and who knows, in 10 to 30 years it might get so bad that we’ll just see trash everywhere,” sophomore Eliza Pangilinan said. “Even that small piece of trash went through a factory, and those factories produce a lot of gas [emissions].”

Carbon Footprints: Actions Have Consequences

Zelina Panissidi, Staff Writer
March 20, 2024
Students and staff discuss the impacts of greenhouse gasses.
Using the new sign out system, junior Venice Jingco types in her student ID number to indicate that she has left for the restroom. Upon signing out, students have six minutes to use the bathroom and return to class to sign back in. “For now, were just kind of testing it with about 20 or 30 teachers throughout the school to kind of see how the flow works,” Assistant Principal Cameron Roehm said. “When we eventually implement the system school-wide, we will know how it works, and it will help it [the program] run smoother at our school.”

School Implements Classroom Sign Out System

Zelina Panissidi, Staff Writer
February 15, 2024
The system is currently being tested and used as a bathroom pass.
“I’m at the beginning right now of filling out the FAFSA,” senior Bradley Hutchings said. “Its just me, my mom, and my little brother, so any money would help me go to college because I got accepted to UNLV for architecture.”

Q&A: Have you filled out your FAFSA?

Adrienne Vera-Perez and Zelina Panissidi
January 12, 2024

“I’m at the beginning right now of filling out the FAFSA,” senior Bradley Hutchings said. “It's just me, my mom, and my little brother, so any money would help me go to college because I got accepted...

Rushing to the mannequin, sophomore Bryan Pratt beats his opponent to spot the muscle. Pratt placed his hand on the rectus abdominis muscle in the stomach. “I’m not good at remembering stuff off the top of my head,” Pratt said. “But with this, especially when someone wants to become a nurse, they have to know how to work hands-on. If we know how to do this to a patient, we’ll be good.”

An Hour In … Principles of Health Science

Zelina Panissidi and Venice Jingco
January 16, 2024
Nursing students display their skills and prepare for a test.
This sign hangs above the coin donation jars. The jars will be stored in the front office in A building. “If it doesn’t go well, or if people don’t participate it’s going to be disappointing because of everything that we’re making,” student council member Tyler Moran said. “If people don’t participate and help fundraise, our prom may not be as good as they expect.”

Class of 2026 Stuco Hosts Penny Wars Fundraiser

Zelina Panissidi, Staff Writer
January 8, 2024
The event will be held from January 8th-19th.
Creating homemade holiday ornaments, club members reach for the materials needed to make their artwork. The members are making these ornaments to celebrate the upcoming winter season. “A lot of Mexicans, which is where my family is from, tend to make things from scratch,” club member Rebeka Tzintzun said. “That’s what we’re doing with the ornaments, making them from scratch, and scooping them.”

Estudiantes Unidos forms new space for Hispanic students

Zelina Panissidi, Staff Writer
January 4, 2024
The club is to meet every first and third Thursday, alternating from rooms E128 and E106/107.
Competing in the Vegas Cubing Fall 2023 competition, sophomore Preston Schwartz rushes to solve the Pyraminx puzzle. Schwartz has competed in various competitions to display his skills. “The Pyraminx [puzzle] is my best event,” Schwartz said. “It’s the one that I focus the most on.”

Rubik’s Cube Champion: Meet Preston Schwartz

Zelina Panissidi, Staff Writer
December 6, 2023
Sophomore trains his skill of solving Rubik’s Cubes.
Preparing for club members to file in, board members Aerhann Casupang and Zoey Ching wait to present a slide regarding the upcoming Haunted House activity. They are going over costumes and roles for the event. “Right now, we are planning to do a haunted house for Trunk or Treat,” Club President Zoey Ching said. “We’ve been having extra meetings to sort out the details so we can finalize our plan.”

Drama Club Returns to School

Zelina Panissidi, Staff Writer
October 25, 2023
The club is scheduled to meet every second and fourth Thursday in C124.
Rehearsing his lines for the school announcements, Atmospheric Specialist Philipos Alebachew prepares to record the weather reports for the week. The club prepared a slide as a visual for students to further understand the weather report. “I hope people will get more educated about climatology and meteorology,” Alebachew said. “Then they can spread the good word of nature.”

New Meteorology Club Discusses the Weather

Zelina Panissidi, Staff Writer
October 2, 2023
The club is to meet every other Wednesday from 2:00-3:00 in H211