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Stuco Dance Committee Hosts Coyote Coachella

Admission for all students is free
Rui Jie Qin
During last year’s Coyote Coachella, performer Aerhann Casupang sings “Freaking Out the Neighborhood” by Mac DeMarco for the crowd. The event allowed him to share his talent with the school community. “I was a little nervous to perform at first,” Casupang said. “After a little I was not really nervous because my friends came to support [me].”

For this year’s Coyote Coachella, the student council dance committee is making plans to set up and host the event with bigger decorations, more performances, and more business advertising with the intent of getting more students to attend. 

“[Coyote Coachella] is a very fun event where students are able to showcase their talents,” Head of Dance Commissions Danica Ruiz said. “It’s a very fun, supportive, welcoming environment [for performers], and students are able to watch a cool show.”

Participants have already made plans for the upcoming event, including routines and songs that they will perform. 

“We’re a part of a band called ‘The Red Pills,’ and we’ll be performing an original song that my brother wrote,” performer Alexa Rondez said. “We’ve never performed in front of a live audience before, so this will be a big opportunity for us.”

Having made preparations for their performances, participants are eager to showcase their talents to the school.

“We [The Red Pills] are very musical, and have had it as a hobby for a while,” performer Renzo Omolon said. “Our school doesn’t have any fine arts or music, so we’ve kept our band as a hobby, but now that we have the opportunity to play, of course we are gonna play.” 

Admission is free, however, students can bring money to purchase the goods businesses will be selling at the event. 

“I’m planning on going to Coyote Coachella to support my friends,” junior Jeneray Navarrete-Pak said. “I know that this is their first time performing, and I haven’t been able to hear them play yet, so this is exciting for me to be able to hear them for the first time and support them.”

Aside from showcasing student talents, the Student Council hopes to boost school spirit while also giving students an outlet to express their artistic side.

“I do plan on performing again at Coyote Coachella this year,” senior Aerhann Casupang said. “Last year was a good experience for me, I felt very supported by my friends in the crowd and I do hope to perform again.”

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