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See you in August!

See you in August!

Southwest Shadow May 16, 2022

Thank you so much for reading and interacting with us this school year. We look forward to telling your story again starting in August. Have a great summer!

Graphic Design teacher moving across the country

Graphic Design teacher moving across the country Leaving to start new at Hendersonville High School

Lucas Grubb May 12, 2022

After working for 14 years in the district, Graphic Design teacher Jeffery Ball is finalizing his plans to move to Nashville, Tennessee.  “I chose Tennessee for many reasons, but the greenery in...

Painting the base layer for each board, seniors Gurleen Swaich and Juliana Borruso prepare for the design portion of the project. The journalism staff stayed after school to decorate each teachers boards to their own specifications. I really hope that teachers appreciate this small gesture because as journalism kids we definitely annoy them and I think this will show that we are thankful for them putting up with us, Editor-in-Chief Gurleen Swaich said.  Photo Credit: Crystalyn Estabillo

Journalism staff Creates Customized Gifts for Teachers Boards will be posted outside their doors

Crystalyn Estabillo May 4, 2022

To express their gratitude for their assistance throughout the year, Journalism II students are painting and decorating customized boards to fit the interests and personalities of each teacher. “We...

ENG 102 students support CCSD’s Title I Hope Program

ENG 102 students support CCSD’s Title I Hope Program Creating care packages to support the homeless, students will be ending of the quarter on a nostalgic note

Gurleen Swaich April 27, 2022

With over 10,000 students homeless in CCSD,  ENG 102 teacher Henry Castillo is assigning students to create intricately designed care packages geared towards children under 18 as a proactive approach...

After years without any issues with graffiti, administrators are noticing an increase in vandalism. Students who are found contributing to the vandalism will face disciplinary action. I always hear about the drawings in the boys bathroom, and they are always the most immature things.” junior Alyssa Miguel said. One of my guy friends even saw a sandwich in the toilet once. Photo Credit: Tishie Nyitray

'> Ongoing Vandalism forces action from administrators Increased graffiti found in boy's bathroom

Tishie Nyitray April 20, 2022

A wave of vandalism incidents has attracted the attention of school administrators. The defacements of men's bathrooms have led to disciplinary actions, including restroom escorts being assigned to the...



Gurleen Swaich April 7, 2022

In observation of Spring Break, classes will not be held from Apr 11 - Apr 18. We hope everyone has a wonderful break and stays safe.

Sheldon encourages soon-to-be college freshmen to transfer CTE credits

Sheldon encourages soon-to-be college freshmen to transfer CTE credits

Lucas Grubb April 5, 2022

To ensure that students know how to collect the college credit they have earned for their CTE classes, Community Partnership Coordinator Shannon Sheldon is teaching students during classroom presentations.   “We...

Using facts and reasoning to settle the argument, junior Clyde Louise Hao gets the opportunity to practice resolving conflicts with his friends. “I played the intellectual in our conflict resolution and, honestly, it was a hard role for me to play.” Hao said. “I don’t normally look for facts and reason to end an argument and I had the instigator targeting me the whole time, so it was difficult coming up with good responses.”
Photo Credit: Lily Gurdison

Com 102 Students Perform Conflict Skits Participants share food, solve conflicts

Lily Gurdison April 4, 2022

Teaching students the importance of resolving conflicts, COM 102 teacher Henry Castillo gave students the opportunity to “dress rehearse” issues they might face. Students were able to create and perform...

Painting one of the rocks, senior Aster Damtew ensures that there’s an even coat to start. Students took two class periods to work - one to paint the rocks’ base coat and let them dry, and a second to paint the kind messages on them. “I love making people feel good about themselves,” Damtew said. “This is a perfect way to give someone that little bit of brightness in their day.”

Student Council beautifying campus with kindness rocks hoping to spread positivity with creative slogans, sayings

Juliana Borruso April 1, 2022

Hoping to make the school a little more positive, Student Council is decorating the quad with kindness rocks.    “We are creating them to add a pop of color and kind messages throughout the...

Journalism Staff Celebrate Recent Wins

Journalism Staff Celebrate Recent Wins Wave of success for Newspaper And Yearbook

Jackson Bogan April 1, 2022

Following a string of awards won by the staff and individuals, including the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown, the members of the Southwest Shadow Staff are enjoying their recognition. “I...

Showing their work to a friend, sophomore Arcade Encarnacion explains the different aspects of it in a Graphic Design course last summer. Southwest Tech began offering summer courses last year, with some program courses being available for students to expand their knowledge. “Ms. Olvina’s graphic design lab gave me an opportunity to learn different Adobe programs,” Encarnacion said. “I was able to rig a character I made in Photoshop and make it move through facial tracking.”  Photo Credit: Victoria Ornelas

Southwest Tech implements CCSD Plans for Summer Acceleration Camp Credit retrieval, social-emotional support courses will be offered

Juliana Borruso March 30, 2022

Putting a spin on traditional summer school, several CCSD schools will be participating in the Summer Acceleration Program.   “They’re still trying to get kids caught up from COVID,” assistant...

Looking over their footage, freshmen and sophomores in Video Production I are practicing filming stories. Students began learning the necessary skills to make content for the morning news show. “I love video production and notice I use a lot of the skills in other classes,” sophomore Ellie Lakatos said. “I’ve done video editing since I was a kid, and I enjoy being able to do it more effectively. It’ll [multimedia] promote bigger growth of the program and students will learn more. Having one teacher who can only teach one class isn’t as good as having multiple who can teach different aspects.” Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

Multimedia Communications Added to Design Academy New program area will accept 36 students

Ashley Harris March 25, 2022

As Web Design phases out as an individual program, incoming freshmen have the opportunity to enroll in the new Multimedia Communications program.    “Multimedia Communications is a class...

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