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Southwest Shadow

Southwest Shadow

Gliding through the water, junior Justyn Grayce Moceros races towards the finish line. She has been swimming since she was 4. “I like how swimming is more of an individual sport,” Moceros said. “You don’t really have to rely on other people, which I really like. I don’t really like to depend on people because people usually tend to disappoint you and it’s better to just make sure that you can do things yourself.”

Sensational Swimmer: Meet Justyn Grayce Moceros

Yaritzza Montenegro, Staff Writer
January 30, 2023
Moceros continues to grow in her swimming journey.
Standing beside his personal “Dig Dug” cabinet, freshman Nicholas Arone is working towards adding more machines to his collection. He has had an interest in arcade games since five years old. “My dream cabinet is a six player ‘X-Men’ or a dedicated ‘Ghosts and Goblins’ cabinet,” Arone said. “But my favorite game from the old school era is ‘DigDug.’”

Dedicated Arcade Game Renovator: Meet Nicholas Arone

Gray Barranco, Staff Writer
January 10, 2023
Freshman Nicholas Arone has spent the past four years working on repairing his own arcade cabinets.
Posing for pictures and hanging out with Minnie Mouse Catherine Viggato recounts her time working at Epcot in the year 2006. I really enjoyed the time I spent there because I got to know a lot of people from different parts of the country, Viggato said. It was the first time I was out on my own so it was good to get that experience.

Experienced Hospitality Industry Worker: Meet Catherine Viggato

Carmen Ruiz, Staff Writer
January 5, 2023
Hospitality teacher Catherine Viggato shares her experiences as a worker in the hospitality and tourism industry.
Competing in the Esports Mountain Region league playoffs, the Southwest Squids celebrate their hard-earned win. Practicing since September, their hard work pays off. “What sets us apart from the other school teams is that we have a lot more power and a lot more strength as players,” junior Carl Reiner said. “I’m noticing that whenever we play the best teams the region has to offer, I’m just kind of disappointed. I felt like we would have a much bigger competition but it turns out we’re beating them with no more than eighty percent of our power.”

First place, undefeated: Meet the Southwest Squids

Kailie Sicolo, Staff Writer
December 12, 2022
Team will play for the championship on Tuesday.
In preparation for their contortion class, sophomore Lex Boyd builds their stamina by running through their poses and stretches in the gym. Equally an outlet and source for their stress, contortion plays a major role in Boyd’s life. “Working out has especially helped me to build not only my strength but more importantly my confidence to excel in my contortion journey,” Boyd said. Photo Credit: Lex Boyd

Beginning Contortionist: Meet Lex Boyd

Paizley Swaney, Staff Writer
November 29, 2022
Sophomore is progressing in their journey.
Holding up her tennis racket, sophomore Ihsan Seman finishes out a great tennis season. She made many new friendships while still donning her hijab proudly. “I came to play every single day,” Seman said. “I wasn’t forced to do this. I’m dedicated to this sport, and I want to be there.”

Committed Tennis Player: Meet Ihsan Seman

Philipos Alebachew, Staff Writer
November 22, 2022
She tells her story of embracing her culture while still playing a sport she loves.
Using coding as a creative outlet, senior Austin Brigida lives life with autism spectrum disorder. Brigida found ways to live life just like other students. “I truly believe that Austin is where he is today because of his hard work and the combined efforts of his therapists, teachers and family,” mother Tracy Brigida said.

Living On The Spectrum: Meet Austin Brigida

Kylie Dacquel, Staff Writer
November 7, 2022
Ready to graduate, Austin has shown perseverance throughout his four years of high school.
During her “Sow What?” Journey in San Diego, sophomore Delaney Knight takes part in an animal workshop hosted by Zovargo. Proud to be a part of the organization, Girl Scouts has allowed Knight to grow as a person through earning badges and completing journeys.  “Being a Girl Scout makes me a better person in many different ways,” Knight said. “One of those ways is learning valuable skills that I can use for my whole life. Some of the skills are business and finance skills from selling cookies, survival skills, learning how to cook while camping, and more.”

Empowered Girl Scout: Meet Delaney Knight

October 27, 2022
Delaney Knight shares her experience being a Girl Scout.
Dunking the ball into the net, sophomore Xavion Staton scores yet another point for the Sierra Vista varsity boys basketball team. Staton enjoys being able to create memories with his new team. “My teammates have a lot of fun because they get to experience throwing stuff up and having me immediately dunk it,” Staton said. “It brings a lot of energy to the court.”


Paizley Swaney, Staff Writer
October 18, 2022
Sophomore is just an inch away from reaching seven feet tall.
Practicing her bass, Poselero finds a new bass line for her band’s new original song. Writing her own content has always been a great way to express her, and her band’s creativity. “Its really cool to see when I’m on stage and how people are taken aback because of my height,” Poselero said. “People don’t expect this tiny, little lady to be screaming her lungs out. My energy is completely different than if I were to just be talking to someone, and I fell in love with what that felt like.”

Rockin’ Band Member: Meet Zielle Poselero

Ashley Harris, News and Features Editor
October 4, 2022
Poselero shares experiences performing in front of live audiences with her band.
Contorting her body in the air, sophomore Zoey Henson strikes several dance trapeze poses. Henson says it takes a ton of core and upper body strength to successfully execute a trick. “You don’t need outside practice, but it is good to have. I used to go twice a week for six hours total, so I built a lot of strength from that,” Henson said. (Photo Credits: Zoey Henson)

Astounding Aerialist: Meet Zoey Henson

Shayna Migalang, Staff Writer
September 22, 2022
Sophomore Zoey Henson has been executing aerial circus performances since elementary school.
 With a passion for baking since her childhood, sophomore Daniela Hernandez has started a business making and selling a variety of sweets, including cupcakes and cookies. “I started making cupcakes, trying different recipes flavors, just things that I wanted to do things and that I liked,” Hernandez said. “It kind of just started from there and ever since Ive been just taking orders and like delivering them. Ive been getting some great feedback and its been fun.”
 Photo Credit: Daniela Hernandez

Passionate Patissier: Meet Daniela Hernandez

Kathryn Peterson
March 10, 2022
Baking since she was a kid, cupcakes are her specialty.