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While some claim that America is being turned into a “gerontocracy,” or rule by the old, fewer can explain why this is an inherently negative development for our country.

Yes, Ageism is Still Discrimination

Ethan Bull, Opinion Editor
April 24, 2024
Though the country is slated to have the two oldest presidential candidates in history running for office, our political contempt does not justify generalizations about the elderly.
Saudi Arabia has recently spent billions of dollars investing in a wide variety of sports.

Do Saudi Arabia’s Sports Investments Have Substance?

Ethan Bull, Opinion Editor
March 21, 2024
Though Saudi Arabia’s massive athletic investments may seem strange, they are actually a well-reasoned addition to the national economy.
Over 40 million tons of plastic waste is generated by the United States each year, with more than three-quarters of the trash winding up in landfills. After their short lifespan has concluded, low-quality goods from Temu are likely to be quickly forgotten.

Stop Temu: Don’t Be Consumed by Consumerism

Ethan Bull, Opinion Editor
February 23, 2024
The low prices on Temu come with a catch that few are aware of; where the platform succeeds in pricing, it also forces users to pay a human cost.
Disturbing thumbnails, similar to this depiction, illegally utilize licensed characters that are easily recognizable by small children in order to garner clicks.

The History and Remergence of Elsagate

January 31, 2024
A new generation of young children are the lab rats revealing the effects of early technology use in toddlers.
Many Americans no longer view our politicians as experienced statesmen, leaders and policymakers. Now, presidential candidates have become mockable caricatures.

Bring Back the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Ethan Bull, Opinion Editor
January 19, 2024
As political showmanship has increasingly dominated American politics, perhaps one answer to the issue of unsatisfactory presidential candidates can be found by abandoning our short-form media.
For many teenagers, high school graduation is one of the most crucial life milestones. Arguably even more important than graduating is the college admissions process that follows- a process that many ambitious high school students tend to flunk.

We Should Reconsider our College Applications

Ethan Bull, Opinion Editor
September 25, 2023
For the last few years, ambitious high school students have been taking a flawed approach to their college decisions. Increasingly competitive high schoolers need to shift their perspectives if they want to achieve fulfillment in their post-graduation lives.
Facing public backlash and bankruptcy, Twitter’s new management may have gone too far to keep their vision of the platform alive.

Elon’s Twitter Acquisition Is Not What We Were Promised

Ethan Bull, Staff Writer
January 27, 2023
From layoffs of half the workforce to complete department axings, Elon Musks’ purchase and privatization of Twitter has been a rocky road that remains far from the platform that was promised, despite some noteworthy improvements.
School Choice is Not Our Panacea

School Choice is Not Our Panacea

Ethan Bull, Staff Writer
January 3, 2023
While school choice may be a tempting solution for parents and students, distributing public education fund vouchers undermines both taxpayers and the general school system.
While some students are proud to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance during the morning announcements, an increasing number of students are choosing to sit out of the patriotic demonstration for personal reasons.


Ethan Bull
November 29, 2022
In recent times, an increasing number of students and citizens have refused to stand during patriotic demonstrations such as the Pledge of Allegiance. Despite this, there are compelling reasons to show your support for the country.
 Anticipating a homecoming proposal, junior Danika Marie Molina exits the campus amongst a crowd of her peers as they cheer her on. The proposal, which had been planned for several weeks, attracted a crowd that numbered more than 50 spectators offering gifts and support.

What We Should Learn from HOCO This Year

Ethan Bull, Staff Writer
October 18, 2022
Students felt the pressure of finding a homecoming date, but the actual proposals were washed out by the fanfare of long-time couples and preapproved dates.