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Three Peas in a Pod: Meet the Evarts Triplets

Bonded together since birth: Nathan, Luke, Emily
Emily Evarts
Posing together for a picture in front of their childhood home. The Evarts triplets share a lot more than just their identical features. “Growing up we had to share a lot of stuff,” freshman Emily Evarts said. “and even now I borrow some of my brother’s clothes, and they borrow some of my drawing or art supplies. But that is the nice thing about being a triplet.”

From their earliest memories of life, triplets Nathan, Luke, and Emily have always been there for each other. They have shared similar feelings when it comes to new experiences.

“It’s always been nice and interesting to have like three of us,” freshman Nathan Evarts said. “If I needed to get away with something I could blame it on my brother. It is nice to know that they are starting high school with me, especially if we are doing the same assignment or have the same class; we can help one another and bond that way.”

Nathan and Luke are identical, which often leaves Emily feeling disconnected with her brothers.

“It’s awkward sometimes because everyone assumes they are twins since they are identical,” freshman Emily Evarts said. “Sometimes people don’t acknowledge or really care when they find out my brothers aren’t just identical twins and I am their triplet. I am the only girl, so I don’t feel super special. It’s kinda just like we are siblings [and] that’s it.”

Similarly, Nathan and Luke also face challenges with being identical and being their own person.

“It is annoying when people call me Nathan or confuse us,” Luke said. “But it is a nice excuse for petty crime or blaming something on him. But being identical can be hard when it comes to me wanting to be my own person outside of my brother.”

Emily has her pick on which sibling she confides in the most.

“I think I am closer with my brother Nathan,” Emily said. “Nathan supports me the most, and he sides with me when I tell him all of my tea, but with Luke he just sort of ignores me. I think people assume that we were always close, but with Nathan I definitely tell him all of the drama.”

The Evarts triplets are an addition to two other siblings, one older and the other younger.

“It’s annoying sometimes because they rally together and obviously three is better than one,” older brother Ethan Evarts said. “It can be hard to convince them on something because they are close and already have their minds set on something. But it’s a lot of fun having that many people in the house, so I am never short on friends.”

The triplets share many memories which almost always included all three of them.

“It is hard to think of a time when I did not have them,” Nathan said. “My favorite memories growing up were always our birthdays. Especially when I get extra cake. But our parents just give us a box of all the things we like or asked for.”

Moving forward, the Evarts are excited to go through high school together, and support one another and their dreams post-high school.

“I want to be a game developer or engineer,” Luke said. “I want to make something that a lot of people would use. I know Emily aspires to be a fashion designer since she is good at drawing. I think she could go far in that career. With Nathan, I know he wants to be an engineer since he is pretty good at building stuff as well.”

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