Treat Your Appetite at ‘TOUS les JOURS’

Sweet pastries, baked goods galore


Shayna Migalang

The South Korean bakery franchise TOUS les JOURS finally has a Las Vegas location. Grade: A-

Shayna Migalang, Staff Writer

Monday – Sunday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM

8140 S Rainbow Blvd unit E, Las Vegas, NV 89139

Cash, Credit, and Apple Pay Accepted

September of 1997: a small bakery opens in Guri, South Korea. With a specialty in baked goods combining European techniques with Asian flavors, the bakery franchise quickly rose in popularity, reaching its 100th store debut by 1999. Five years later, the chain expanded to America. Now, nearly 20 years later, TOUS les JOURS has finally landed in Las Vegas.

As soon as I walked in, my ears were deafened by the sounds of K-Pop. The space inside is relatively small, with bread and buns on the left, baked goods on display shelves in the middle, and a seating area on the right that could fit about a dozen people. Farther into the bakery is a selection of cakes that you can purchase, either whole or individually sliced. There’s also a selection of drinks you can purchase at the register, but only a handful of options have no caffeine in them, so I didn’t purchase any. All together, a pretty cramped space, so the cafe’s environment could prove to be overwhelming. 

I started off with one of the few non-sweet options at the cafe, the Croquette ($2.95). It had a super crunchy panko exterior, and a soft interior stuffed with a meat filling. However, I was craving for more filling on the inside as it really made the croquette stand out from the pastries I tried. I would definitely try their other options, such as their kimchi or curry croquette, as it was a nice, savory bite all in all.

The next pastry I tried was the Strawberry Soft ($2.95), a strawberry-flavored bread that’s cut in half like a hot dog and filled with strawberry cream. The bread is soft and airy, dusted with powdered sugar on top. It’s just the right amount of sweet strawberry flavor, but it may taste artificial to some. It’s a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth, but won’t leave your stomach feeling heavy.

The final pastry I tried was the Custard and Almond Pretzel Pastry ($3.95). It’s not actually a pretzel though, more like a twisted puff pastry with baked custard intertwined with the dough. There are chopped bits of almond sprinkled on top, but this has zero impact on the taste of the pastry. It’s definitely not too sweet, and the custard is still nice and creamy. This is just a personal preference, but I wouldn’t order it again due to my indifference when it comes to flaky puff pastries like danishes. 

So with close proximity to the school and affordable dessert, TOUS les JOURS is on its way to become the hottest after-school spot. While the atmosphere is a bit cramped, their delicious baked goods make up for it and I would definitely recommend the cafe if you’re craving something sweet. Just make sure to get there in time to beat the (sugar) rush.