English 10 creates ‘Sleepy Hollow’ newspapers Groups breakdown story ideas by presenting project boards

Students are writing fake interviews from the local people in the story. Once students are finished with their projects, they will be presenting their information to the class. “My group is outlining where we are placing each part of our newspaper,” Aganon said. “By deciding where each piece of information should go to make the newspaper seem more realistic.” Photo Credit: Ava Julian

To gain a better understanding of the story “Sleepy Hollow,”  Amy Boyett’s English 10 students are creating boards that express the story’s main concepts, like theme. 

“I really like this project because it allows us to show our creativity and I much rather do a project like this rather than a test,” sophomore Aubrey Earley said. “My group is working together really well to create a newspaper that should score really well. I am a little nervous for the presentation but know that everything will turn out great.” 

Students are writing fake interviews from the point of view of the local people in the story and interpreting events so they can display and create what they believe to be true.  

“I want them to learn about the time period and to have fun with the process,” Boyett said. “Having to write essays all the time can get draining and using your creative juices helps the learning process and makes it more fun and interesting.” 

Many students have noted that the story was challenging to understand, but with the help of working in a group, they were able to share ideas.

“I don’t really mind having to read the entire Sleepy Hollow story in order to complete the project because the reading wasn’t difficult or hard to understand for me.” sophomore Justin Gu. “My group and I are working together to divide the work and find ways to clarify the story to our audience after discussing the ideas to each other.”

Students will present on December 3 and share their final product with the class.

“My group and I think that presenting it as a skit would be more interesting,” Justyn Moceros said. “So instead of reading plainly off the paper, we would read as if we were living in Sleepy Hollow during that time. It will add more spice to our project and I’ve known my group members for a while so I know that we are all up for the idea.”