Break out of a Murderous Time Loop in ‘Re/Member’

Director Hasumi Eiichiro creates a thrilling horror movie


“Re/Member” has a thrilling horror aspect that will draw you in.
Grade: A-
Photo Credit: Netflix

Emmanuel Miranda

An unpopular girl who no one pays attention to, a nerd who always gets bullied, the school’s number one athlete, the two most popular girls at school, and a guy who hasn’t been to school since last year. In Hasumi Eiichiro’s “Re/Member” the high school tropes are the unpopular type, nerdy type, athletic type, popular type, and the gamer. 

The story takes place on July 5, and follows Asuka Morisaki (Kanna Hashimoto), Rumiko Hiragi (Maika Yamamoto), Rie Naruto (Mayu Yokota), Takahiro Ise (Gordon Maeda), Atsushi Kiyomiya (Fûju Kamio), and Shôta Uranishi (Kotarô Daigo) who are all stuck in a murderous time loop. These six are forced to work together and find the dismembered parts of a child’s body that are hidden around their school starting at midnight. While doing this they must also run and hide from “The Red Person” who comes to hunt and kill them. Only after gathering all the body parts will they break the time loop. 

The film is based on the Japanese manga of the same name written by Welzard, first published in 2015. There are a couple differences between the actual movie and the manga, one of which is the explanation of rules of what students should do if “The Red Person” appears. They are present in the manga, but are missing entirely from the movie. Another difference is that the pacing is different in the movie, considering the fact that a number of chapters needed to be adapted into a 103 minute long movie.

The character development in the movie is great. The high school group’s attitude towards one another evolves from not caring about what one another did every single day, to actually growing close to one another. It is wholesome to see the bond between the characters that usually wouldn’t hang around each other grow into a real friendship.

Furthermore, the different ways that each person dies during in each loop creates an excellent horror element to the movie. The idea of “The Red Person” hunting down the main characters reminded me of a game called “Dead by Daylight” in which players have to escape an area by looking for and repairing different generators while running away from a killer.

This movie is a thrilling and exciting horror movie to watch. All the different interactions between each character and the suspense that comes from wondering if anyone will die or find a body part that day makes the film more interesting. If you ever have any free time or want to have a horror movie night with a couple of friends, then “Re/Member” is definitely a good horror movie to watch.