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Southwest Shadow

Southwest Shadow

Caution: beware of self-destruction

'> Caution: beware of self-destruction Thick barriers aren't always ideal

Cassie Valdez April 20, 2017

The other day, I was taking a practice exam for AP English Language and Composition, and there was an essay called “Talking About Our Troubles” by Mark Rutherford that caught my attention. Instead...

SATIRE: A heartfelt letter from YouTube

SATIRE: A heartfelt letter from YouTube This is just a big misunderstanding

Cassie Valdez March 24, 2017

Dear beloved viewers, To address recent concerns with our Restricted Mode feature, we have written this apology letter for the LGBTQ community. On behalf of everybody at YouTube, we apologize from the...

Click here for instant gratification

Click here for instant gratification Hard-wired for immediacy

Cassie Valdez March 22, 2017

With my forehead pressed against the edge of my desk, I kept my eyes closed, annoyed by the thought of looking at my laptop again. There were three days left until my next deadline, and every single one...

Disregard: a modern proverb

Disregard: a modern proverb Silence is a dead end

Cassie Valdez March 3, 2017

For the past few months, news headlines have been all but promising. From dehumanizing bathroom controversies to racist threats at a child’s party, hate crimes have become a part of everyday life. But...

Press play, not fast forward

Press play, not fast forward Is this high school or college?

Cassie Valdez February 13, 2017

It’s February now, and for every time I hear a teacher bring up class recommendations, I see at least one of my peers break into a whole conversation about how they’re taking four AP classes next year....

The Instagram paradox

The Instagram paradox “Finstas” and facades

Cassie Valdez February 3, 2017

Within social media culture, it has become customary to advertise a certain version of oneself in hopes of being perceived a certain way. This lack of authenticity has led to the creation of dual online...

Peace in the streets

Peace in the streets A march for equality

Cassie Valdez January 26, 2017

Sun bright. Heads held high. Signs towered over me as I marched alongside thousands and mimicked the way others took their steps with purpose. This past Saturday marginalized communities united for...

Mauna Kea vs. the universe

Mauna Kea vs. the universe Astronomy has met its limit

Cassie Valdez January 5, 2017

Recently, Hawaii’s Board of Land and Natural Resources was brought to court for violating constitutional rights after allowing the University of Hawaii to sublease land for the construction of a $1.4...

If I was privileged...

If I was privileged… Life in a Eurocentric society

Cassie Valdez December 2, 2016

Leaning against my fist, I stared at the classroom in front of me–voices entering one ear and quickly exiting the other. Like most teenagers my age, I often find myself lost in thought, daydreaming away...

Living off impulse

Living off impulse To do or not to do

Cassie Valdez November 6, 2016

I can’t recall the last smart decision I’ve made, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad. My mind is an unorganized mess, but I refuse to knock common sense into myself. Whether I spend my...

The food prophecy

The food prophecy Fate of leftovers lies in landfills

October 26, 2016

Using my spoon to play with the remaining grains of rice, I stared at my half-empty plate in defeat. With my stomach on the verge of exploding, I was left with two options: force myself to eat the rest...

Life on rainbow road

Life on rainbow road Closets are only temporary safe havens

Cassie Valdez October 19, 2016

Sprawled across my parents’ bed, I stared at the ceiling with vacant eyes and rampant thoughts that made my heart beat out of my chest. Scenarios played out in my head–each one feeding my paranoia. My...

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