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Tackling the coronavirus

Tackling the coronavirus WWE opens as an essential business

Dean Carrasco April 23, 2020

The WWE is open after Mayor Jerry L.  Demings of Orange County deemed it an essential business, In order to take care of the health of the wrestlers, a spokesman for the WWE said, "staff are required...

Partying for your life

Partying for your life Woman believes she can’t get COVID-19

Dean Carrasco April 3, 2020

 A 21-year-old woman on Dr. Phil recently shared that the Coronavirus only affects the elderly and doesn’t care about the well being of others after attending Spring Break. This isn’t something that...

School blues

School blues Being in quarantine has made some miss physical school

Kamiran Hinton April 2, 2020

With students being prevented from attending school as a result of CCSD's Coronavirus quarantine, some students are just wishing to go back and stop the online education.

Time shouldnt be flying by

Time shouldn’t be flying by Seniors last year getting cut down

Dean Carrasco March 27, 2020

The class of 2020's year has been cut short due to the coronavirus putting all of CCSD in quarantine. It's not a permanent closure for the school year, but it is taking away some of the last moments that...

Horrors of CCSD school bathrooms

'> Horrors of CCSD school bathrooms It is supposed to be a place for 'business'

Dean Carrasco March 21, 2020

The CCSD bathrooms have been vandalized from floor to ceiling in every way possible, as seen on social media posts galore. Students have brought food into the stalls, including a rotisserie chicken, and...

The only cure

The only cure Washing your hands won’t fix anything

Dean Carrasco March 10, 2020

The flu has caused more people to die than COVID-19, but the panic is increasing.“It's appropriate to be prepared. It's not appropriate to panic about it,” Carl Azuz from CNN said. Although washing...

Streets arent safe anymore

'> Streets aren’t safe anymore Potholes, road damages aren't getting fixed

Dean Carrasco February 28, 2020

  Residents of Las Vegas won't have a smooth drive home anymore. The delayed repairs to potholes, buildings, and cracks in the road take too much money to repair and taxpayers will end up paying...

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