Edready available to all juniors, seniors Online resource prepares students for ACT/SAT math portion

Funded by Bill Gates, Edready is an online resource available to all juniors and seniors taking the ACT or SAT assessment. The program prepares students for college and future careers by providing online practice tests that focus on math.

“I think this is a valuable resource for students to prepare for the math portion of any college entrance exam,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said.

The purpose of the program is to improve students’ overall ACT or SAT score through practice on math based problems. To login, students must provide their student identification number and the password which they use to login to school PCs.

“It’s good for the district when students login through Canvas so they can see how effective the website is,” Taylor said. “It will show their performance growth.”

It is also suggested that students use either Firefox or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

“It’s a great resource because it’s free practice for a college entrance test,” Registrar Ms. Lisa Moore said.

All juniors will be taking the ACT exam on March 1. Freshmen, sophomores and seniors will not be required to attend school.

“Students should study and take the practice tests,” Moore said. “It’ll only help them in the long run.”