Cowabunga Bay hosts ‘Great Grade’ on April 29 Admission free for students with at least three A's

To celebrate students in the county, Cowabunga Bay will offer free admission into their park to students of all grade levels who have at least three A’s on their current or most recent report card. The event will be held today from 3-7 pm.

“Cowabunga Bay has over 20 waterslides and other attractions and we have many students tell us how much they love to come play at the park,” Cowabunga Bay General Manager Shane Huish  said. “We feel free admission to those who have excelled is a great reward as well as an incentive for others to strive for great grades.  We look forward to hosting this event and many more in the future.”

Home school report cards or progress reports will not be accepted. However, general admission for family and friends is $14.99. Parking will be $5 for all visitors.

“Requiring only three A’s to get in is pretty modest,” junior Keena Venegas said. “Seeing how it’s not too difficult, I appreciate how they’re taking the initiative to get to know their customers.”

All grades equivalent to an A such as a ‘proficient’ or a 90 percent will also be accepted as long as it makes up at least forty percent of the report card.

“We are excited to introduce the “Friday Great Grades” event,” Huish said. “We have a working partnership with CCSD and are actively developing programs that reward excellence in students and also to reward those who achieve certain accomplishments throughout the school year.  The Friday Great Grades is the first of many programs we hope will become annual events.”