Late buses cancelled on Wednesdays Site Based Collaboration Time replaces full staff development days

Late buses will no longer be offered to students after school on Wednesdays due to teachers participating in Site Based Collaboration Time.

“The new late bus schedule only applies to a full, five day school week,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said. “This helps out the teachers in the district because instead of taking full days for the training, they can do it in increments of an hour each week.”

Time reserved for staff development days has now been broken up and takes the form of 65 minute meetings held every Wednesday after school as part of the new teacher contracts.

“We no longer have late buses on Wednesdays because we can’t have after school activities on those days anymore,” Dean James Campbell said. “But we do have late buses for the rest of the week.” 

Science tutoring is scheduled for Monday in B207, Math on Tuesday in H207 and Geometry on Thursday in B214.

“There’s a technology component to it, and there are school initiatives,” Campbell said. “Teachers have department meetings and we have special committees that are dealing with some different areas as well.” 

Because staff members will be involved in meetings and unable to supervise, students are no longer allowed to participate in after-school activities or tutoring on Wednesdays.

“I actually think it’s a good change because we can carry more momentum over time,” Government and World History teacher Joseph Juliano said. “By having weekly meetings, we can continue to follow up and build on things as opposed to having one isolated staff development day. ” 

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