Experience French Delicacies blended with Traditional Asian Accents at ‘Xtra Sweet’

Satisfy your sweet tooth with cold desserts


Venice Jingco

Chef Qi Guan pursues her dream of opening a dessert bar, serving a variety of cold delectables and savory foods.

Venice Jingco, Staff Writer

3930 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Monday – Thursday: 1PM – 9PM

Friday –1PM – 10PM

Saturday – 12PM – 11PM

Sunday – 12PM –9PM

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While chasing a college degree in law, executive chef Qi Guan took a trip to Europe, resulting in her completely shifting careers into culinary. After completing school in machinery and cake decorating, Guan pursued her long-awaited dream of opening a dessert bar of her own. Embracing her fondness for French and Asian desserts, her dessert bar Xtra Sweet spotlights both backgrounds in its menu.

Upon entry, guests are welcomed with a full glass display of crepe and mousse cakes. Vibrant displays of plants and neon signs decorate the interior to feel welcoming and friendly. It also embraces many warm colors in the walls and seating, making it feel more homely. The staff were kind and encouraged us to take our time while examining the menu.

To start, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Crostini (10$). The smoked salmon is served atop whole wheat bread with thin slices of pickles and strawberries sandwiched in between, garnished with garlic cheese. The ingredient list was off-putting, but it ended up tasting pleasant. The pickles and strawberry were acidic, but well paired with the smokiness of the salmon. Despite my deep bias of pickles and pickle-related foods, it surprisingly blended well together and was enjoyable.

The Matcha Red Bean Shaved Ice (15$) arrived next. Its large size made up for its price, making it the perfect dessert to eat with a group of friends or family. Most of the enjoyability came from the crunch of the red beans and ice combined with the chewy mochi. A cup of condensed matcha syrup on the side provided more flavor, which was useful since the matcha in the main dish is relatively washed out by ice’s temperature. While the red beans and mochi didn’t add flavor themselves, the matcha leaned into the sweeter side, while still maintaining it’s classic bitterness.

For the last dish, we were invited to choose from the display of desserts near the entrance. Observing the cakes behind the glass felt like we were walking through an art gallery. In the end, we decided on the Oreo Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake (9$). The cake had a subtle flavor, not dipping too much into the sweet elements shown on the surface. However, my spoon glided through the layers like there was nothing in between the cold layers of chocolate. In terms of flavor, the Oreo flavor was barely noticeable in the cake itself, only being brought by the crumbs on top.

Xtra Sweet has a strong cozy and aesthetic feel. The blends of flavors I tried were new and exciting and deserves a return visit.