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Flop to the top in ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’

Multiplayer party game madness available now

Ever since the rise of Battle Royale games back 2016, there hadn’t been any games released to top the initial fervor and massive player base comparable to games like PUBG or Fortnite. That is, until recently Mediatonics ‘Fall Guys’ a game that has the competition of a Battle Royale game, with a more cartoony style game clearly made to appeal to a broader audience, where instead of using guns in a more gritty setting, players compete in a fictional game show with a much lower skill ceiling. 


The gameplay itself is simple and easy for anyone to pick up and play. Each match consists of 60 players performing increasingly difficult tasks each round. Several players are eliminated per round until the finale when only one player takes the crown. Every round has randomized game modes that range from soccer to mountain climbing, and even just obstacle courses, such as races through spinning objects, and moving walls reminiscent of the TV show Wipeout


This game can grow chaotic, with other players crashing into each other and grabbing on to one another, part of the experience is out of your control and a good game can quickly spiral due to the random nature of your fellow players. This seems to be a theme of the game, with each round having new wacky challenges the player must face, like floors that fall when you stand on them, or soccer played with giant fruit.  



In addition to being able to play alone, ‘Fall Guys’ has a ‘party’ system in which players can enter games with their friends; a feature that greatly enhances the experience. The gameplay with your friends is the same from a gameplay perspective, but enjoying the in-game chaos of the game with friends makes it a lot more fun, and makes you want to keep playing. 


‘Fall Guys’ is currently available on Steam and PS4, for $20 will soon be available on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms. 


‘Fall Guys’ is the next ‘golden goose’ of the gaming industry, a new recipe that many others may try to replicate. The game does a good job of keeping a sense of competition alive while maintaining a more casual atmosphere, a good time alone, and even better with friends. Realistic Games have a place in gaming, but it’s refreshing to play a more frantic and chaotic experience, with a unique style of gameplay that is definitely worth the player’s time and money.

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