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Hyperbolic love expectations


valentine's dayValentine’s Day: a blissful romantic night with the love of your life, or a nightmare for the lonely. While those with significant others go out to enjoy this day, the single have a depressed night on a couch watching romance movies like “The Notebook,” with a tissue box and a tub of ice cream.

Each year around February, my Facebook homepage is bombarded with melodramatic posts of teenagers complaining about how they are “single,” or “forever alone.” It even makes me sick to read articles, just like the one you are reading, about how overrated Valentine’s Day is.

Long before today’s current greedy frenzy, Saint Valentine was originally about the love of all relationships, whether it is between lovers, friends, or family. It has now changed to a holiday about commercialized items where people feel obligated to “purchase” gifts for their significant other.

With the high expectations people have nowadays, it often comes along with disappointment in the end, which then leads to the inevitable online whining. And, as if posting it on their Facebook status was not enough, they tweet about it every five seconds.

I remember back in elementary school, receiving Happy Valentine’s Day cards with cliched sayings like “Be Mine,” or “I’m yours,” attached to a lollipop was more than enough. No one ever moaned or groaned about not getting this or that.

Luckily, I can provide a solution to never being let down on Valentine’s Day ever again. Simply, do not expect so much! Do not expect to be “surprised” with an over-sized bow on top of a brand new car to be waiting in your garage. Do not expect a huge bouquet of flowers with a cute note to be on your desk. Do not expect to be treated to an expensive dinner at a five-star restaurant. Just do not expect anything at all actually. Remember that good ol’ quote, “The very best things happen unexpectedly,” so keep it natural and go with the flow.

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And so what if Prince Charming fails to knock on your door, do not stuff your face with cheap store-brand chocolate alone. Instead, pick up the phone and do something about it. Ring up your best friend and have a Dance Central night in the living room. Call your “bros” and play football at the park. Or even visit your grandparents to cook them dinner.

Sometimes simple can turn out great, not to mention, you won’t be “disappointed.”

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