Moving on

Sometimes the best answer to a relationship problem is to move on.
Photo Credit: Alex Nedelcu

The best feeling in the world is waking up with a good morning text from the one you love. A smile sweeps across your face, as you reach for your phone to reply. Weeks pass, and you cannot see yourself being happy with anyone else, but this significant other. They are everything you want and more.

I considered this, as I evaluated whether letting my significant other go was the right decision. I expected texts and I wanted to let him know that I never meant for this to happen. Although this is a cliché reaction, I started to realize that enough was enough. What would this breakup mean to me five years from now? Ten years from now? After realizing that I was better off alone, my happiness came back. As I talked to many close friends about it, reality started to shine through more than ever, as I realized that feelings change and people drift apart.

The issue I have come across, however, is that as relationships become stronger (more than six months in the same relationship), partners tend to grow too comfortable. In most cases, the effort fades, and one’s partner tends to feel as if they are part of a redundant daily routine. I was starting to notice this in my relationship and I knew there was no way to go about fixing this problem, as it was too late. I was growing sick of the usual routine, and I could tell the feeling was mutual.

I am still adapting to the change, but I am much happier now. All around me, I see that some of my friends are extremely unhappy with their relationships. If simple “I love you” messages start to sound like utter lies, I think being quiet will only make it worse. Communication is the key to a relationship; therefore, I strongly believe couples must speak and address these issues with one another.

I know that most of my friends are afraid of change, but as a person going through this situation, I realize that change is not always a negative thing. I tell my friends that this is not the end of the world. I know it sure does feel like it, but it is only normal to feel that way when a drastic change is presented. Girls naturally overreact in most situations, no matter how minor.

It is hard to not feel selfish after letting this significant other go and their reaction is not always as you would expect it. However, when dealing with this, four words are the most important: This too shall pass.