Seven things I (REALLY) hate

Tapping on my shoulder and chewing food is a double whammy of annoyance.
Photo Credit: Justin Tolentino
Tapping on my shoulder and chewing food is a double whammy of annoyance.  Photo Credit: Justin Tolentino
Tapping on my shoulder and chewing food is a double whammy of annoyance.
Photo Credit: Justin Tolentino

“Alex, please don’t get mad, but…” Alas, folks, here is the number one conversation starter that truly drives me insane. When you start a conversation with “don’t get mad” or “no offense,” the words following are most likely offenseful or will cause the person to be mad. In the midst of the past month, I have come up with seven quotes and habits I (REALLY) hate.

1. Not saying hello when seeing/passing by me

My mother always taught me that when I first see someone that I am friends with, or talk to, or even a familiar passerby, I must say hello to them. It annoys me when a friend passes by me in the hallway, and fails to say hello or even offer a small smile or simple wave.

2. “Alex, stop trying to make journalism happen.”

Someone (REALLY) said this to me one day, in a Regina George voice when I tried to advertise the Southwest Shadow website in one of my classes. Yes, they were being dead serious. Sigh. Journalism is something I take a lot of pride in. How can someone say I’m trying to “make it happen,” when it is already happening? *drops mic* *walks away*


I cannot stand to have my shoulder tapped and my name called at once. When a name is being called, it is to beckon someone’s attention. Tapping on the shoulder is an irritating habit, people! As a matter of fact, I have thought about this so much that shoulder tapping now makes me cringe. Not only can I not stand it when it is actually happening, I (REALLY) cannot stand to see it happen to other people, either.

4. “Ew, you’re a vegetarian? You have no iron in your blood. You’re gonna die young.”

Unless you are my doctor, you should not be diagnosing me with anything. Yes, I am a vegetarian (recently converted) but that does not give somebody the free will to judge me or to tell me that I am going to die young. I like to indulge in veggies, and I respect people’s’ wishes if they enjoy eating meat. It it okay. It is (REALLY) okay.

5. When people walk into a building and don’t hold the door open when I’m two feet away

This is self explanatory. I understand being in a rush, but strolling through a door and not opening it is rude.

6. “Why do you like to write? Writing is boring!”

Excuse me, but I am appalled by your statement! Writing is beautiful and expressive and fun, but I respect your opinion even though I might, deep down inside, think that you are awfully mistaken. I’ve always (REALLY) loved writing–even when I didn’t speak English. I’m sorry that you do not enjoy it quite as much as I do. *insert sad face here*

And last, not least, and definitely my favorite:

7. When people call me “Alexandria”

Just to be clear, my birth-given name is Alexandra. I recently had a coworker that said “I bet you hate it when people call you ‘Alexandria!’” Relieved and happy that someone understood, I nodded my head yes. I was later taken by excruciating surprise when he started referring to me as “Alexandria,” which was followed by obnoxious giggles from my co-workers.

Of course these seven dreadful habits and/or quotes could drive anyone absolutely mad, but I congratulate myself for learning how to keep my cool lately. I am an aggressive person by nature, and the fact that I was able to easily shrug these nuisances off is just another part of growing up. There will always be little aggravating habits presented to you, but the most important solution is to smile and overcome the annoyance.