Club Preview: A look into the week of November 14

Robotics Club, D&D, and Book Club meeting this week


Carmen Ruiz, Staff Writer

Robotics Club, F101/F103 every Thursday

The Robotics Club is preparing general members for their competition in January.

“What we do is we run labs or kinds of crash courses and mini lessons on the different aspects of robotics, like what the robot does, and all the subsystems,” Vice President Emilio Garcia said. “We teach the members how to actually build a robot, the different components and that’s how they actually engage with robots before the competition.”

The board members created activities for newer members to teach them more about the robots.

“We have our own practice robots, where we’ll have members fix problems on them; for example, the president will set it up,” Garcia said. “Then we’ll have the members solve the issue to teach them how they’d actually do it at the competition.”

D&D, E106, every Wednesday

Club members are taking on the role of heroes in the fantasy role-playing game “Dungeons and Dragons.” A group of players called Dungeon Masters decides their character’s fates and the storyline.

“My group is making their way through the radiant citadel, where they’ve encountered a rivalry between two families,” D&D President Shane Farrell said. “The group is evenly split between the families, as they look for evidence of sabotage to report to the authorities.”

Multiple campaigns are running at once, led by different Dungeon Masters.

“They’re all running adventures that are inspired by different indigenous mythologies and cultures,” D&D adviser Levi Harbeson said. “I think it’s really fun to be the adviser because you get to see kids just play games, have fun and be creative.”

Book Club, D122, every other Thursday

At their next meeting, President Dennis Buckley and other members of the Book Club will discuss the first half of their book for November, “Dangerous Women” by Hope Adams.

“Historical fiction is a genre that we haven’t covered yet, so we thought it would be an interesting subject,” Buckley said. “As for why the club voted for ‘Dangerous Women,’ I think a lot of its appeal comes from the mystery of it. That, in addition to being able to read about some real events that happened in the past and learn about what life was like for people back then, made this a really compelling story that we were all excited to read.”

They will go over specific points in the plot of the book, especially the struggles of women in 18th-century England. They will also discuss the different symbols and other aspects of the plot that members thought were important.

“We usually go through each of the major characters, we will discuss what they’ve done in the story, and their motivations,” Buckley said. “We try to explore and understand them. Then for the plot, we go over what’s happened in the story so far and what we think will happen next.”