First ‘Capstone Night’ to showcase senior projects Event will take place on April 18

In order to reduce the number of capstone events held during one school year, administration will be hosting “Capstone Night” on April 18 on campus.

“Last year, we had 11 separate capstone events and in other years we’ve had ‘Coyotes U-Nite’,” Community Partnership Coordinator Mr. Craig Statucki said. “If we have a single event, it will be easier for staff and more parents will be able to attend.”

Although the start and end times for the event have not been decided yet, the event is scheduled to take place in the evening. Administration is currently working out other details of the event such as food and set-up.

“My seniors will be set-up in the hallway. They’re treating their capstones as if it were a game pitch, so they’re going to have demos and presentations,” Video Game Design Program Leader (PL) Mr. Terry Lively said. “There will be tables set up with each groups’ video documentation and demo.”

All seniors and program leaders must attend the event. Family, community partners, and students and faculty from other feeder schools will be invited.

“We want it to be a community event where we can showcase what we do academically,” Statucki said.

In addition, seniors who are not participating in their program’s capstone project will be showcasing the work they performed in their internship.

“I think it’s a good idea to have a whole event on capstones and internships because we get to show our parents and friends what we’ve been doing the whole year,” senior Alyssa Bui said.