Club Preview: A look into Nov. 4



Grinesa Bajrami

Black Student Union, 2nd and 4th Thursday, B-137

To ensure students are interested in their Fall Festival, the Black Student Union are planning spirit days for the event. 

“People should attend our fall festival because it’s going to be fun, to put it simply,” BSU Director of Fun Ruth Daniels said. “This is something by bsu for BSUand for the students to have fun. We’re going to have activities ranging from corn hole to paint a pumpkin to pie eating contest.” 

The Fall Festival will be held on Nov. 15th. Students can buy pre-sale tickets for five dollars and the price will go up to seven at the door. 

“Hopefully, this makes the community here accept us and think of us as not just Black Student Union but an actual union,” Daniels said. “We are planning a Historical Black College or University trip so anyone going to that this money they earn from the Fall Festival will go towards that.” 

DECA, 2nd and 4th Tuesday, Library 

Preparing members for their State competition, DECA has begun giving out practice tests they might see in the tournament. 

“We don’t have that many meetings until the competition and I want to give everyone at least two practice tests so they can get familiar with the layout and type of questions,” DECA President Jocelyn Miller said. 

The competition consists of different tests that members will pick from. Questions may vary from marketing strategies to insurance. 

“I hope members are able to get awards and medals for themselves at State,” Miller said. “I also hope they just overall have fun while competing and enjoy their time at the event.” 

FIDM Fashion Club, 1st and 3rd Thursday, E-106

Helping students with their designs, members of FIDM Fashion Club will be critiquing each other’s garments. 

“Doing critiques help each member improve on their garments and with the criticism members are able to create something they might like better than their first attempt,” FIDM Co-President Presiosa Prieto said. 

Members must have four designs prepared before the meeting begins. Then after the meeting, members will have the opportunity to redo their designs. 

“I hope for members to gain experience and learn to take critiques as something good rather than bad,” Prieto said.