Studio K, C-126/E-132, Thursdays

As the graduating upperclassmen pack their bags and conclude their last few months of high school, Studio K has started preparing a performance for the annual Senior Sendoff.

“For this performance, we want as many of our members on the stage as possible,” senior Yen Binh Tran said. “We are practicing hard like always. We are repeating one song we performed at Dance Marathon and then adding two more songs for the performance.”

A special dance performed by the senior club members will be included in the performance. Auditions for this performance will be held on Thursday, May 4.

“Our performance is going to be even better through the weeks, and I can’t wait to see how it will go,” Tran said.

HOSA, Cafeteria, Tuesdays

After taking home 28 awards at state, HOSA is now going to complete tasks with their Sister Chapter while the first place teams practice for nationals.

“We were able to have fun and hang out while competing,” senior Alexsia Varela said. “It’s always a bonding experience because you get to meet other HOSA members and advisers from other schools.”

As first place teams gear up for nationals, which will occur during Spring Break, the rest of the club will start preparing for the next season.

“Now, the first place teams have to prepare for nationals, and the lucky few who get to go get to go to Disney as well,” Varela said. “I hope that our team can make it to first place.”

NHS, Cafeteria, 1st and 3rd Mondays

In support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, NHS members are fundraising for the organization by selling See’s Candies lollipops for $1 each.

“I look forward to the annual barbecue that we host also,” senior Gabriella Lugo said. “Me and the other members to make sure we have enough money.”

If members would like to opt out of the fundraiser, they have to pay $40 directly instead of selling the lollipops. The fundraiser ends Monday, April 8.

“The See’s Lollipops are always a fan favorite; I like them as well,” Lugo said. “Butterscotch usually is the first one to sell out, so we ordered a specialty pack to be prepared.”

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