Club preview: A look into the week of March 4 FCCLA, HOSA, StuCo

Cheering on her fellow classmate, junior Alexis Apple holds up the sign she made for him and supports the performance during Coyote Coachella.

FCCLA, D-106, Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month

In preparation for state competition, students in Fashion and Interior design are beginning to wrap up their final touches to ensure their projects are ready.

“I’m stressed because it’s hard to get 21 students to meet all of the competition’s requirements,” Interior Design teacher Shannon Sheldon said. “However, the projects that are already done are excellent. Two sophomore Fashion students made quilts that I only taught for a semester and they are truly beautiful,” Sheldon said.

FCCLA leaves the morning of Tuesday, March 5 and arrive back to Vegas the night of March 8. There will be competitions, team building events, meetings, socials, a dance and a gala.

“I am competing in the recycle and redesign portion of the competition and I am combining this project with my capstone,” senior Kalea Hall said. “I am kind of nervous at this point because I think my product is good, but I’m just worried I won’t have everything or that it won’t be what they are looking for.”

HOSA, Cafeteria, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month

Getting ready for state competition, students in HOSA are wrapping up their projects for March 5 and coming to the conclusion of whether they will be prepared for next week or not. Other events that will be included in their upcoming schedule are, Bowl for Breath Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser, Walk for Wishes and the Color Run.

“I think it is definitely less stressful this year because we went last year and we know what to expect,” senior Hannah Podolske said. “Not to be that person, but we placed fourth last year, so I’m pretty sure we’re not going to do terrible this year. I am confident that we will do well because we have prepared a lot for it.”

Students got to choose from categories for state such as health education and displays, nursing assistance and CPR, videos on health topics, public health issues and bio medical debates.

“I feel pretty confident about our project so far,” senior Elizabella Phantharangsy said. “Although it’s a new topic for us, I think it’s interesting and new to go into. Our project is about how to help civilians in any emergencies they may have. My group and I have been doing well with managing everything and we have the majority of it done.”

Student Council, D-105

Finalizing the sign-ups for Coyote games, students in StuCo are setting up the activities that run through Monday, March 3 to Friday, March 8. With the extra responsibilities StuCo has to uphold, they are looking forward to plan how the Coyote Games will go.

“We have already done these events before so you know that it isn’t a concern,” Mirya Julian said. “However, I am just a little concerned that we don’t have as many teams signed up for Coyote games as I would like. I know that students tend to turn in everything at the last minute so hopefully we will get more teams signed up.”

StuCo is also starting to develop the class officer elections and planning the upcoming Coyote Coachella.

“Right now, [Student Council] is kind of stressed because we want to make sure everyone enjoys and has a good time at the Coyote games,” senior Cecilia Gonzalez said. “This is one of our favorite events of the year even if it puts a strain on us, it pays off in the end when we see a lot of people appreciate it.”

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