FIDM/FCCLA, Key Club, Yu-Gi-Oh! Club meeting this week


Jianna Aganon

After finishing the club’s icebreaker, Key Club members pose for a photo for the club’s historian on September 14.

Gray Barranco, Staff Writer

FIDM/FCCLA, E-106, every Tuesday

After going over their competitive events, FCCLA President Karim Abd-Elmalek plans to host a small annual pumpkin decorating contest on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

“There’s gonna be some snacks and everyone has an hour to decorate a pumpkin, or they can do it at home and bring it in,” Abd-Elmalek said. 

To add more excitement to their small competition, there will be rewards for the best pumpkins. 

“They can win things like gift cards or bags of candy, or little buckets of treats,” Abd-Elmalek said.


Key Club, cafeteria, second and fourth Wednesday

In their upcoming meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 26, Key Club secretary Aeron Pearson plans to continue working towards their Regional Training Conference at Green Valley High School.

“It is our final meeting before our conference,” Pearson said. “We might just be practicing some cheers and a service opportunity with our treat.”

Because of the time members have had to spend in preparation for the conference, Pearson and the board wanted to reward their members.

“I’m in the middle of planning a little Krispy Kreme fundraiser for our members for the next meeting, just as a final way to thank them for their hard work for RTC,” Pearson said.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Club, C-102, every other Thursday

After starting his club only two weeks ago, Yu-Gi-Oh! Club President Derek Ortiz-Mondragon wants to advance on his club’s goals.

“The first week was kind of a preview of what was going to come and what I should do,” Mondragon said. “I plan on actually starting everything and seriously teaching.”

The next meeting being held on Thursday, Oct. 27 will be the first official meeting of the club.

“If there’s time, we could start actually playing [Yu-Gi-Oh!] and I would just be over them, teaching them constantly and correcting them, making sure they don’t cheat or accidentally do something wrong,” Mondragon said.