Club preview: A look into the week of Sept. 9 Cyberpatriot, DECA, FBLA


Grinesa Bajrami

Cyberpatriot, E-128, Thursday

Cyberpatriot’s focus for this year is to teach new members basic computer training about operating systems. 

“I feel as if people would be fascinated to understand more about the [Internet] that we use on a day to day basis,” Cyberpatriot Vice President Samer Youssouf said. “In addition, this could help improve their teamwork skills, since everyone works in the groups to learn the basics.” 

New members will then move onto learning about safety on the internet, specifically how to protect themselves from hackers.

“I hope the new members will be able to have a better understanding of how the internet and computers work together,” Youssouf said. “I also hope they understand how to protect themselves from the increase [in] hacking that have been going on lately. We just really want to expand the knowledge to as many people, who are interested in majoring in IT or cyber security, as possible.”

FBLA, B-210, 2nd and 4th Tuesday

With an influx in of new members, FBLA board members plan to explain the rules and regulations of the club, including membership fees, fundraisers and club committees. 

“I’m hoping we can create a welcoming environment dedicated to encouraging engagement in their community,” FBLA President April Valdez said. “I also hope new members will learn and work on their leadership skills starting next meeting.” 

The club will begin planning for a basketball tournament and an online game tournament between multiple schools to fundraise. 

“Compared to last year, my goals are to increase membership count and increase engagement through more fundraisers,” FBLA president April Valdez said. “We’re planning more events since we have a strong collaborative board [that is] dedicated to growing the club.”

DECA, Library, 2nd and 4th Tuesday

After many members succeeded last year at the State Career Development Conference, the board will begin preparing students for the tournament again. 

“I was only able to become a finalist last year, so I want to get a higher place,” DECA President Jocelyn Miller said. “I also want more members placing this year. We plan on preparing everyone with the tests they would have to take soon.” 

The board plans to explain the competition to new and returning members, so they can begin their training and preparations for SCDC. 

“My overall goal is to be able to help the DECA chapter become the best it could be,” Miller said. “SCDC is important because it allows the members in the club to compete and show their knowledge in their event. They could win awards and scholarships by competing and it’s also just a fun time to meet other chapters. Even if some members don’t go, they are able to learn business, marketing, and life skills to help them in school and their future career. I’m hoping this year, we can increase the number of winners and prepare all members to the best of our abilities.”