Shift in HOSA Adviser Results in SLC Cancelations

Change in advisor results in difficulties


Preparing to attend the awards ceremony, HOSA poses for a photo with their teacher chaperones at SLC 2022. Students competed in various areas of their choice, from presentations to the demonstration of medical skills. “I’m a bit disappointed in not being able to go,” HOSA President senior Yusra Shafique said. “I had a great time last year and was looking forward to organizing the trip for our members. Underclassmen still have the opportunity to attend SLC in the upcoming years, however, seniors that didn’t get to attend SLC prior to this year won’t get the experience of the competition since they’ll unfortunately be graduating.”

Yaritzza Montenegro, Staff Writer

Due to a change in advisers, students will be unable to attend Nevada HOSA’s state leadership conference. The event will continue as normal in Reno, Nevada on Mar. 5-8.

“By the time I became the adviser and got the information about the event, it basically was about a week before the deadline,” HOSA adviser Rosarita Olvina said. “When I did try to put the field trip back through, we saw the date conflict with ACT testing.” 

ACT testing is a mandatory graduation requirement for juniors, set to take place on Mar. 7.

“Whenever there’s a change in the adviser, there is some lag time,” Assistant Principal Kendra Kelley said. “There is a certain amount of time that is necessary to get paperwork done, that was number one. Number two, it is a district-wide ACT testing day which is a graduation requirement. So if we had students who were juniors and that would affect them. There are ACT makeup days, but it would be up to the adviser to make sure the work is done on time.”

Other high schools in the district, such as Ed W. Clark or Sierra Vista will be taking ACT makeup days to account for the missed test. 

“Because I was not on the initial list of people getting information about HOSA, I did not know there was an opportunity to push off testing or only take some kids who weren’t in the age levels that were testing,” Olvina said. “By the time we found out that there were makeup days, the registration had already been past due.”

Similar to HOSA, FCCLA’s (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) state leadership conference will take place on Mar. 7-9. Juniors in FCCLA decided not to attend the conference this year, but sophomores and seniors will be attending. As per tradition, SLC will be held in Las Vegas next year. 

“It would not necessarily affect them [underclassmen] as much as it would affect upperclassmen,” HOSA President-elect junior Aeron Pearson said. “They still have their whole high school career to even decide if they want to participate. I think once they [freshman] realize what you can actually gain out of it and the skills that you learn, they’ll be more interested in actually attending.”