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High school students seem to think it is the end of the world if their friends have relationships, while they do not. However, students must step away from the “Forever Alone” syndrome.
Photo Credit: Alex Nedelcu

“Valentine’s day is just a day that is commercialized for companies to sell their products for three times the price,” read a tweet on my timeline. Another said, “It’s just a typical Tuesday. #ForeverAlone.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the desperate tweets that flooded my computer screen.

These days, society makes it seem as if everyone should be in a relationship. Though most are in one, it is not true that everyone is as “forever alone” as they claim to be. When this term is brought up in conversations, my mind shifts to the image of lonely women living alone with 18 cats.

We are young and should be focusing more on being a better person rather than desperately calling negative attention to ourselves. The importance of our image at this time of our lives is larger than any influences such as school, grades or family. This is a time of self-discovery.

We should be experimenting with different things like makeup and fashion trends instead of focusing or concerning ourselves with who is single, and who is not. Why must we call each other “forever alone” or “so single?” Last time I checked, a person’s well-being is not measured by their relationship status. I look at girls that are a few years younger than me, and my jaw drops at the thought that they are already dating and spending time with their so-called “true love.” I know for a fact that when I was younger, I barely knew the definition of a boyfriend, let alone have one.

Social media is filled with how single girls are or how much they actually hate their boyfriend. #Yikes! This is strange considering nothing meets their high expectations. If they cannot be happy with the fact that they are in a relationship, then they should be happy with being single, right? Wrong. As a result of being around all of these “happy” couples, girls believe it is automatically acceptable to deem themselves the title of “forever alone.”

I think a more suitable description of how single some of us are should be #ForeverAvailable or #ForeverDesperate.

Instead of desperately seeking attention, young girls should live their life and accept the occurrences rather than expecting their Romeo to come and sweep them off of their feet. In order to positively bring attention to themselves, these “forever alone” ladies should keep their heads up high and show boys they are confident in their own skin. If websites, clothing, and comics are being made out of this phrase, I cannot help but wonder if this will ever be a trend that will go out of style.

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