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Strong emotions appropriate, just not in public

I could feel the negative vibes spreading across the room, as the two “lovebirds” spit nasty words at each other.

“I don’t value our relationship. You are annoying half of the time now!” she said with nasty, hateful tones in her voice.

“I’m sorry, but I refuse to agree! You aren’t even contributing to us! There is no spark anymore,” he says with a bittersweet smile.

My eyes shifted back and forth from one to the other, like a tennis match as they continually spit rude remarks to each other.

I slowly began to understand what I have gotten myself into–a relationship. I started to secretly observe the couple fighting at a table right in front of me. My view was perfect, and as I have a certain talent for reading peoples’ feelings through their expressions, I understood exactly what they were fighting about.

In a relationship, though you are with someone due to the qualities, feelings, or interests that you both may share, you still need your space.

I personally believe that healthy relationships must include fighting once in a while. Couples should not be afraid to share their feelings with their partners, and from personal experience, I have learned that one should never overreact about something that is said. This, I have discovered, is the reason issues are blown out of proportion, and ultimately causes harm to you. Instead, when dealing with differences, individuals should stay calm, and take what another person said lightly.

Returning to the scene I just witnessed, Adeline approached her downcast partner, and she tearfully apologized. Between sobs, she revealed how much she truly loves him, and how much she values their relationship.

Adeline, along with her partner, made up, and seemed to be having a marvelous night for the time following. All the disturbance, ugly words, and death-stares were not necessary, especially in public.

As a teenage girl growing up, I know drama. I am aware that people often want to let things out as soon as possible, and get it over with. This fact, however, is not the best idea, as the public may make it more dramatic, and may cause even more anger in a person’s attitude.

Due to the qualities partners share, I understand how someone can get to an annoying point, however, all of the anger and nasty remarks should be kept inside until they are both alone.

Maybe cooling off a bit, and keeping all of the emotions in until you are alone would guarantee a clean slate. It sure would make us, outsiders a lot happier not having to hear you argue.

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