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I wish I would have . . .

I have spent approximately 1300 days in high school, and with approximately 20 days left until graduation I thought I would reflect on my time in secondary education and develop
Five bucket list items before graduation

Five bucket list items before graduation

With one month left in high school, I have decided to create my own personal “High School Bucket List.” It’s time for me to make the most of my time
Snuggies not worthy of hype

Snuggies not worthy of hype

“It’s the blanket with sleeves we all love!” claims the official Snuggie company in their advertising. Although it has been awhile since I learned about bandwagon propaganda techniques in seventh

Plate perfectionist

It’s dinnertime! Tonight’s meal: pork roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, and corn. I begin to serve myself: potatoes on the left side with a tiny crater made for gravy, then

My first ‘F’

As a senior who has consistently taken honors and AP level classes since 7th grade, I have experienced my fair share of homework, tests, make-up work, and grade fluctuations. From

Keep eyes on own score

As a student with straight A’s who began her high school career with Algebra 1 Honors in 7th grade, fellow classmates have consistently compared themselves to my educational ability. I

Movie etiquette reminder

Popcorn in hand, soda in the cup holder, comfortable seat position, and the previews are ending. I was thinking to myself, “This movie better be worth the $15 for the

To AP or not to AP?

Southwest Career and Technical Academy has plenty of overachievers who strive to be accepted to top colleges by taking a rigorous curriculum loaded with Advanced Placement classes. A typical AP