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Five bucket list items before graduation

Photo Credit: Tazia Statucki

With one month left in high school, I have decided to create my own personal “High School Bucket List.” It’s time for me to make the most of my time left as a high school student before I head to college this upcoming fall.

1. Go to Six Flags!

I have never been to Six Flags Magic Mountain, but on May 17, that will all change. Grad Night gives me the perfect opportunity to ride the big-kid roller coasters that I am finally tall enough to ride! The overnight event with my friends will probably prove a challenge to my exhausted muscles, but I look forward to almost falling asleep in a line for a ride!

2. Write an amazing speech!

Graduation on June 12 will feature several student speakers, including myself. My salutatorian speech needs to be the best salutatorian speech in all of Clark County! It needs to be creative, unique, and personal with a touch of humor. The draft is currently in progress, but I hope the final draft will impress my family, faculty, and fellow classmates.

3. Let my food touch!

If you refer to my previous column, Plate Perfectionist, my OFSD prevents me from letting my food touch on a plate. My own personal right of passage will be to purposefully mix the food on my dinner plate and eat it. Though just the sight of the unintentional mixture may trigger a mini panic attack, I will overcome my OFSD at least once before the end of high school.

4. Go to “Frappy Hour!”

Every year, Starbucks Coffee hosts Frappucino Happy Hour for two weeks in May. As an avid Starbuck’s lover who has never been to Frappy Hour, I am dying to purchase a two dollar frappucino before I graduate. The next time I will ever be able to do this is after I finish my first year of college and am broke.

5. Try legitimate sushi!

When at a sushi restaurant, the people around me order random sushi rolls with strange ingredients while I sit and enjoy a California roll containing crab, avocado, cucumber, and carrots surrounded by rice and seaweed. Before June 12, I want to try sushi with unique ingredients. I may just start off with salmon or raw tuna, but if I feel really adventurous, I’d like to try eel.

Hopefully before I kick the bucket of high school, I’ll complete all of the items on my bucket list.

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