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Campaign Financing

Campaign Financing

Ethan Bull, Opinion Editor
May 31, 2024
Charging forward with yet another business venture, Former President Donald Trump has publicly launched Trump Media & Technology Group under the stock ticker DJT. As the largest shareholder of the company, some are wondering if Trump will sell off his ownership in the corporation to finance his legal fees.
The series’ addicting colors and lessons have kept viewers watching for over fourteen years, and it doesn’t seem to have any decline coming soon. Photo Credit: Hasbro Studios

‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ was Peak Children’s Television

There are very few shows out there that make an effort to teach its viewers lifelong lessons in the way this show does.
While some claim that America is being turned into a “gerontocracy,” or rule by the old, fewer can explain why this is an inherently negative development for our country.

Yes, Ageism is Still Discrimination

Ethan Bull, Opinion Editor
April 24, 2024
Though the country is slated to have the two oldest presidential candidates in history running for office, our political contempt does not justify generalizations about the elderly.
Strict age policies put forth by large companies make gaining work experience difficult for those under 18.

Businesses Should Be More Willing To Accommodate Teen Workers

Ava Torres, Staff Writer
April 19, 2024
Working as a teen provides necessary life skills
Looks That Could Kill

Looks That Could Kill

Venice Jingco, Staff writer
April 9, 2024
Resurfacing on TikTok under the guise of beauty hacks, Looksmaxxing claims improve complexion and figure through brutal methods of beautifying. These range from using chewing gum to define the jawline, to forcefully reconstructing the facial structure with a hammer.
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Everyone should be able to enjoy art, but we shouldnt forget the reprehensible things its creators do.

You cannot completely separate art from the artist

Philipos Alebachew, Staff Writer
March 30, 2024
A piece of art is forever attached to whoever made it, and although it can be enjoyed no matter the creator, it is important to acknowledge who they are and the terrible things they’ve done instead of ignoring or defending them.
Saudi Arabia has recently spent billions of dollars investing in a wide variety of sports.

Do Saudi Arabia’s Sports Investments Have Substance?

Ethan Bull, Opinion Editor
March 21, 2024
Though Saudi Arabia’s massive athletic investments may seem strange, they are actually a well-reasoned addition to the national economy.


Arcade Encarnacion, Editorial Cartoonist
March 7, 2024
Meta is often blamed for poor parenting.
Third Wheel, Third Party

Third Wheel, Third Party

Arcade Encarnacion, Editorial Cartoonist
February 29, 2024
It can be difficult choosing a candidate when neither stands for what you believe in.
Over 40 million tons of plastic waste is generated by the United States each year, with more than three-quarters of the trash winding up in landfills. After their short lifespan has concluded, low-quality goods from Temu are likely to be quickly forgotten.

Stop Temu: Don’t Be Consumed by Consumerism

Ethan Bull, Opinion Editor
February 23, 2024
The low prices on Temu come with a catch that few are aware of; where the platform succeeds in pricing, it also forces users to pay a human cost.
National test results about civics and history declined for the first time ever in 2022, and the government has just now started spending more on civics programs in response.


Southwest Shadow, Editorial Board
February 20, 2024
The lack of emphasis on civic virtue in schools is hurting our democracy.
Disturbing thumbnails, similar to this depiction, illegally utilize licensed characters that are easily recognizable by small children in order to garner clicks.

The History and Remergence of Elsagate

January 31, 2024
A new generation of young children are the lab rats revealing the effects of early technology use in toddlers.