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Expand Your Palate At Your Local ‘Yi Fang’

Beverages include naturally sourced ingredients from Taiwan
Paizley Swaney
Yi Fang has made it all the way to Nevada with the mission of sharing their classic flavors. Grade: B+

Everyday 11:00am – 9:00pm

8525 Blue Diamond Rd #130, Las Vegas, NV 89178

Accepts cash, card and Apple Pay.


Sourced locally from the tea gardens of Mingjian, Yi Fang has introduced authentic Taiwanese flavors and ingredients across its many franchises in California. The business continues to share its passion through a variety of natural and flavorful beverages, having opened its first Las Vegas location last month.

The establishment offers a large menu with 38 beverages to choose from. The drinks are categorized as follows: tea, salty cream, brown sugar, traditional taste, winter special, fruit teas, tea latte, and milk tea. Additionally, customers may select the temperature, size, ice level, sugar level, and toppings for their drink.

As someone with friends who have food allergies, it was great to see that the staff requests customers to communicate any food allergies they may have. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, this business has embraced the legacy of traditional hospitality brought forth by the original recipe maker, Chen-Jen.

Although the location had opened just days before my visit, the interior decor met my minimal expectations. The pastel color theme is mildly evident throughout the restaurant, with two-person tables adorned with pink and blue velvet chairs lining each wall.

In terms of the store’s aesthetic, two randomly placed four-foot-tall stuffed llamas are displayed in the front window. Balloons are taped to the walls, and fairy lights are strung by thumbtacks above the seating area. Overall, the setting is welcoming upon entry but may not be very alluring to potential customers.

Since there were only a few customers at the time, I only had to wait about five minutes for my order. The manager appeared to be training five employees, all of whom were friendly and thorough with my order.

My mother and I, both with differing palates, ordered three different drinks to share. Each drink had a unique appearance, all featuring appealing ingredients to enhance their tea base. First was the most popular drink on the menu, the Yi Fang Fruit Tea ($6.45). Made with sliced seasonal fresh apples and oranges, the drink is perfectly balanced with tanginess and bitterness.

Despite its great taste, I would recommend ordering this drink with fewer oranges, as it started to taste more like orange juice as the flavors melded. The small pineapple and passion fruit seeds are the perfect accent to the drink, adding texture beyond the thin tea base.

Next, we tried the Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Latte ($6.45). As neither of us are matcha fans, nor boba fans, we were nervous but eager to taste this one. The appearance of the beverage was alluring, with a base of brown sugar, soaked boba, and clear division by matcha.

The boba was notably chewy and creamy compared to those found at local chain locations, complementing the smooth matcha extremely well. Unfortunately, the matcha was too bitter for my liking and did not convince me to become an average matcha lover.

Lastly, I tried the Pearl Black Tea Latte ($6.55), something I would likely order regularly. Like the Pearl Tea I had tasted beforehand, the boba that rested at the bottom of the cup was creamy and rich in flavor. Mixed with the tea, a coffee-like flavor is produced.

Coming from someone who drinks coffee regularly, I was pleased by the delightful taste and would recommend this to my fellow coffee lovers. I suggest this drink to anyone looking for a simple, light mixture of boba and tea.

While my overall experience with Yi Fang was pleasurable, there is much potential for development. I am eager to return in a few months to see if they have made progress on the environment. I suggest making it feel more like a permanent establishment. Until then, I will miss the speedy customer service and exceptional drink combinations.


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