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Experience a Refreshing Endeavor with ‘VENI VIDI VICI’

The group’s first EP since their debut in 2019
VANNER takes a step in a new direction to mark the fresh start of their music career.
Rating: B
Photo Credit: KLAP Entertainment

Partaking in JTBC’s (a Korean television program) survival show, “Peak Time,” VANNER emerged as the champions out of a grand total of 23 groups. The main focus of the show was to offer Kpop groups publicity opportunities after the pandemic, following long breaks, disbandment, or newly debuting. VANNER won this competition and signed a three-year contract with KLAP Entertainment to initiate their new endeavor. 

As a group with members in their mid-twenties, I expected a mature concept as many older groups refrain from using cutesy topics about love. To my surprise, “Performer” is exactly the opposite. Cute and refreshing, their title track matches up with the theme of many rookie kpop groups. As they start anew under KLAP Entertainment, this song perfectly changes up their previous genre for their fresh start. 

This happy and upbeat feeling is carried onto the next track, “Diamonds”. This song is actually my favorite out of the six on this album. The background instrumental, which includes a distinct snare drum, is incredibly satisfying to listen to. After the second chorus, the beat solely relies on the percussion. The harmonization of vocals during that period of time is emphasized and is pleasing to the ears.

Switching to a heavy bass with some EDM elements, “TBH ” is a love song. Instead of using the cliche “cute” love song concept, this track contrasts between the energetic beat and the cute lyrics. “I love you, to be honest,” are the most emphasized lyrics repeated several times throughout the song, tying into the title of this track. 

The fourth track, “Want U Back” pairs a tight bass line with the starting lyrics of “Girl I want you back,” giving off a feeling that is reminiscent of an autotune sound, without it being misplaced like other songs. I found it nice that a slow rap verse is incorporated into the song instead of the typical fast rapping seen in many other Kpop songs.

The next song, “Savior” serves as a break from the heavy beats of the previous songs. As a ballad, this song relies mostly on a piano instrumental and focuses more on vocals, rather than rap. Although this isn’t exactly my type of song, it would be nice to listen to while doing homework as it isn’t too loud to deter my focus. 

The final track, “(FORM) – 2023 Version” is a re-recorded version of a song that was originally released in 2019. It built up a nice transition to the chorus and made me expect an epic climax which never arrived. It was disappointing, which is ultimately what crowned it as my least favorite song on this album. However, I enjoyed the initial impact that the song had during my first listen, with an overpowering beat as an introduction to the song, which drew my interest into what this song had to offer.

All in all, this album is a delightful listen, considering that VANNER has not released an album with more than two songs in over three years. In support of their success under their new company, check out VANNER to see what this new chapter in their career brings them.

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