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Hop into the adventure of the game ‘TheOdd1sout: Let’s Bounce’

Begin the addictive journey of this creator’s life
Based on the creation of popular YouTube animator, TheOdd1sOut, “TheOdd1sout: Let’s Bounce” is an adventure game that allows players to explore a map that includes characters and events from the creator’s life.
Rating: C
Photo Credit: Broadband TV

James Rallison, or better known to his subscribers as TheOdd1sOut, is an animator and cartoonist that started his career by first publishing a cartoon strip on Tumblr

In 2014, he started his YouTube channel and by 2019, Rallison gained over 10 million subscribers with his simple drawing style and relatable, entertaining life stories. Between this time, Rallison released several other board games that have goals that he hopes his followers relate to compared to other random games. With “Let’s Bounce,” he created the game to mainly look back at his work and for new people to discover his work on YouTube.

The game requires the player to launch Rallison’s character, somewhat similar to “Angry Birds,” and to use other characters and references from his YouTube videos to progress through the game without hitting the ground. The overall objective of the game is for the player to get as far as they can through the game by buying boosters and avoiding objects that can cause the player to hit the ground.

In order to help the player progress, “odd coins” can be used to buy boosters to increase the power of the launch, bounce, speed, and toughness. Not only do these boosters help the player go further in distance, but the game also allows players to buy characters that bring specific benefits to get farther into the game.

However, after a while of playing the game, it can grow repetitive. Along with that, the game shows ads after every couple of rounds which becomes very annoying and could cause the player to put the game down after a short amount of time of playing, as it did with me.

When first playing the game, it did pique my interest as it had a simple objective and seemed like it would be addictive, as it was so similar to popular games like “Angry Birds.” The game did deliver on being addictive, however, playing the game altogether was underwhelming as it lacked the excitement other mobile apps have. It was just continuing to do the same thing over and over again, which some apps are great at doing, but this game didn’t really deliver on that aspect. 

Even with these minor negatives, I would recommend the game to anyone who enjoys a decent mobile game. The game is altogether entertaining, whether or not the person playing is familiar with Rallison’s videos and cartoons. 

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